BC is the community’s college

Here is an example of the transformative role BC plays in our community.  I did not attend this event but thought I would use my blog to share the email from Tom Moran, Chair of the Foreign Language department.

Tom Moran at the event

Tom Moran at the event

Dear Colleagues,

I want to offer you my sincere gratitude and heartfelt congratulations for this afternoon’s Deaf Community event—it was a huge success. More than 200 students, staff, and Deaf Community members crowded into Forum West to view the film “I See the Crowd Roar.” I know that Deaf and hearing people alike found the story of William “Dummy” Hoy to be as remarkable as it was inspirational. Equally inspiring was the Deaf panel following the film. Having Jeff Jackson, Christine Ontiveros (both BC alums) as well as Robert Reed and PX Xayavong share their experiences as Deaf baseball and softball players provided entertaining and insightful material for our students to learn about Deaf Culture first-hand.

Panel -- Christine Ontiveros, Jeff Jackson, Robert Reed, and PX Xayavong

Panel — Christine Ontiveros, Jeff Jackson, Robert Reed, and PX Xayavong

I very much appreciate Linda’s reminder to the students that they will be generating 750-word reports on this activity (the gasp was audible!) and I’m looking quite forward to reading and responding to them.

Linda and Janice, our intrepid MCs

Linda and Janice, our intrepid MCs

It was quite evident to me that everyone enjoyed him- and herself during the film, the discussion, the awarding of door prizes, and during all the ASL conversation before, during, and after. We had folks from Bakersfield, Visalia, Fresno, and even one couple came all the way from Indiana! Well, they happened to be in town—but still! Thanks to LInda for conceiving a such an event, securing broadcast rights, and for getting all the great door prizes. Thanks to Janice for helping to promote this event to the Deaf community and for all her support and hard work today. Thanks to Cindee for her support and for her customary excellent interpreting.

Be sure to remind your students that if they are interested in purchasing this fascinating DVD, they may do so at: www.iseethecrowdroar.com and remind them to enter the discount code: bcasl.

I did manage to grab a few snapshots. You can find them here: http://moran.smugmug.com/Bakersfield-College/See-the-Crowd-Roar/28788417_ZN8Htm

I commend each of you on a job superbly well done. You serve our students and community admirably and infuse our program with pride.

You guys are the best.


Tom Moran

Department Chair, Foreign Languages

Professor, American Sign Language

Bakersfield College

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