July 2022 – Happy B’day America

Could July 2nd have been Independence Day?

It was in fact July 2nd that the Continental Congress voted in favor of Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee’s resolution in favor of independence. That very day, John Adams – our second president – wrote to his wife Abigail, saying that July 2 “will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival.”

In the end, it was July 4th – the date that the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence – that became the day we celebrate our nation’s birth.

Happy Birthday America! Calla Lilies from this immigrant to the country I love.

Calla Lily bloom


Yesterday was an anniversary for me, completing my first year as Chancellor of the Kern Community College District. Photos – day 1, year 1 and day 1, year 2.

It has been an incredible year, and I am grateful for every minute; thank you Board of Trustees for your support. I have enjoyed working with colleagues at each of our campuses, and I look forward to what the next year will bring as we #DareMightThings.

Good morning, friends.
It is July 2, 2022. Happy Birthday America
The sun shines bright over Kern CCD.

Porterville College

PC to Start New Program for Underrepresented Students this Fall

PUENTE Program Faculty and Counselor Elizabeth Buchanan, Dustin Acres,
and Patricia Serrato

Porterville College is starting a new program to support underrepresented students on their journey through higher education. The PUENTE program will start this Fall Semester with its first cohort of students on the PC campus. 

PUENTE, meaning bridge in Spanish, is a program that consists of rigorous instruction, focused academic counseling, and mentoring by members of the community. It acts as a bridge for transferring to a four-year institution. This academic, counseling, and mentoring support program is designed to help students build the skills necessary for academic and career success.   

Students who are enrolled in the PUENTE program work closely with their Counselor, English Instructor and Mentor to prepare for transfer to four-year colleges and universities. The program is open to all students.

Apply to become a Puente Student today. All students receive a mentor and take field trips to 4-year institutions and local businesses. They also receive assistance filling out applications and financial aid forms and get their own “personal” English professor. 

Visit https://www.portervillecollege.edu/puente to learn more or to apply to the program.

Celebration of Pride at PC

Porterville College Students, Visitors, Faculty, Staff and Administration gathered in the campus quad on Thursday, June 24th to celebrate Pride Month.  Each year we gather to provide acknowledgement, support, and allegiance to our LGBTQIA+ Community. 

Dr. Habib Joins the Celebration in the Quad

Pride Month is currently celebrated each year in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. The Uprising was a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States where the last Sunday in June was initially celebrated as “Gay Pride Day”.

Event Organizers Monica Daniels, Katherine
Figueroa, and Jasmin Quinones

In major cities across the nation the “day” soon grew into a month-long series of events. Today, celebrations include pride parades, picnics, parties, workshops, symposia and concerts, and LGBTQ Pride Month events attract millions of participants around the world.

Happy Independence Day from PC!

On this Independence Day, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to each and every one of the freedoms that we are so privileged to have. 

As lawyer and author Wendell Willkie said, “I believe in America because we have great dreams, and because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true.”  Keep following your dreams and using the power of education to make them a reality.

Happy 4th from all of us at Porterville College!

Cerro Coso Community College

Take Your Creativity to New Heights this Fall at Cerro Coso

Tap into your creative side and take an art class at Cerro Coso Community College this fall.  Interested in art history, meeting new people, rekindling a lost passion, or just because you have always wanted to take that class? Cerro Coso is offering a variety of art classes both online and at the Ridgecrest campus.

Loren Sandvik will be instructing an Introduction to Art class ART C101 online.  The class provides a general introduction to art that offers a look at works of art through the study of theory, terminology, themes, design principles, media, techniques, with an introduction to visual arts across time and diverse cultures.  Students are given studio art experiences with various studio media to reinforce the concepts presented.

Also online is Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Contemporary (ART C106) taught by Katherine Hover-Smoot. Additional art classes offered online include:  Modern Art (ART C108), and Drawing I (ART C121).

And at the Ridgecrest campus an overview of western art and architecture from prehistory though the Middle Ages is the topic of ART C105 to be taught by Tanner McGuire.  The class will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11 to 12:25 p.m. in the Learning Resource Center Room 709.

Other art classes being taught at the Ridgecrest campus this fall include: Art and Design Foundations 3-D (ART C115) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30 to 4:40 pm; Painting I (ART C131) Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30 to 4:40 pm; Ceramics (ART C141) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:15 am to 12:25 pm; Drawing II (ART 221) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:10 to 8:20 pm; Painting II (ART C231) Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30 to 4:40 pm; Intermediate Drawing (ART C821) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:10 to 8:20 pm; Intermediate Painting (ART C831) Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30 – 4:40 pm; Intermediate Ceramics (ART C841) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:15 am to 12:25 pm.

The fall 2022 term at Cerro Coso Community College begins August 22, 2022 .  Complete registration and course information is available at www.cerrocoso.edu or contact the Counseling Department at 760-384-6219.

Studies have shown that students who take art classes do better in school overall.  Explore your potential at Cerro Coso Community College this fall.  

Coyote Alumni, CJ Grant doing BIG things on and off the field!

Great Falls Voyager Pitcher/Actor CJ Grant-DuBose

By: Dylan Johnson, Syracuse University Graduate Student ’22

From the Pioneer Baseball League to the TV screen. That’s what the offseason was like for Great Falls Voyager pitcher CJ Grant-DuBose.

Grant-DuBose appeared on “All American Homecoming” on The CW Network, a spin-off from the original show “All American.” Part of the show is about the baseball team at a fictional HBCU called Brixton University, set in Atlanta.

“Being in that atmosphere, it’s a different thing. It’s a different lifestyle, and it’s honestly very enjoyable,” Grant-DuBose said.

Grant-DuBose doesn’t have a speaking role but can be seen in action scenes playing second base, outfield, or pitching.

“Just helping out as much as I can on the field and keeping actual baseball on TV,” Grant-DuBose said. “I feel like sometimes we don’t see actual baseball moves and players on TV and televise certain things regarding TV shows and movies and stuff.”

Grant-DuBose said it’s important to him that the show brings light to HBCU baseball and the student experience at HBCUs.

“Just as a person of color myself, I wish I would have gone to an HBCU growing up,” Grant-DuBose said. “HBCUs, are often overlooked, and the ideals and teachings at HBCUs, I don’t feel like they are valued as much as they should be. So having a TV show projecting the lifestyle and showing how rich the atmosphere of being at an HBCU is amazing.”

The opportunity came to him from Kevin Martin, a scout for the Atlanta Braves. Martin reached out about extras needed for a TV show. Grant-DuBose initially would be the double for the main character, played by Peyton Alex Smith. When he didn’t turn out to be an identical match for him, he pivoted into the baseball player role.

Grant-DuBose got to film in the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA, where one of the Batman movies was filmed. He also got to see the Batmobile and other props during a studio tour, something he said was surreal.

Acting and filming are something that he said has always been in the back of his mind, and that he’s not the type of person who turns down new things anyway.

“I’m big blessings and opportunities guy, and I don’t really turn down too many opportunities, so I just felt like this was a way for me to get my foot in the door and meet people and grow connections throughout life,” Grant-DuBose said. “Because you never know when you might meet anyone, or you never know who you might meet to elevate your life to the next level.”

He filmed three times a week with the show from the beginning of October to when filming wrapped up on February 23, sometimes having to be on set as early as 5:30 in the morning. The first episode aired on February 21 on the CW Network and has aired new episodes on Tuesdays on the CW app. The first season has ten episodes, with the season finale airing on May 2.

Grant-DuBose called it a fantastic project that was well-done by everyone involved. They’re hoping it gets renewed for a second season, but for now, he can enjoy seeing himself on TV.

“I’m able to look at myself, and I know the background work, and I know the hours we put in being on set for 13, 14, sometimes 15 hours, the different takes and angles we had to do, so it’s just amazing to see it all come together into such a beautiful project,” Grant-DuBose said.

If it does get renewed for a second season, Grant-DeBose hopes to be able to keep acting and filming during baseball off-seasons moving forward.

“Who knows, maybe one day when my career in baseball ends, I can get on the big screen and get some lines, and who knows, maybe I’ll be like the next big actor,” Grant-DuBose said.

For now, he said he misses traveling with his teammates and competing in front of the crowds and atmospheres in the Pioneer League and is excited about his upcoming season in Great Falls.

“Everything about the Pioneer League is something I’ve always dreamed of, and I can’t wait to be back a part of it, and I can’t wait to just watch the boys take off,” Grant-DuBose said.

Look for fall schedules in your mail soon!

Print marketing is not dead.  In fact, it is still relevant, viable, and an important part of the marketing mix. It’s been a while, but Cerro Coso has made the decision to print fall 2022 schedules and mail them to all homes in its service area. A strategy to boost engagement and enrollment,  a number of success metrics have been put in place to evaluate effectiveness of the schedules.  A printed schedule provides a tangible and personal resource that communicates importance to some people.  Research shows that people who use a print item remember what they read longer than those who read the same content in a digital format.  Those in the CC service area can look for their schedules to arrive in the mail soon.

Bakersfield College

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Returns to BC

CLEP is back at the Testing & Placement Center at Bakersfield College! CLEP is a means through which academic credit may be given for non-traditional forms of educational experience, also known as credit by exam. Those who may have reached a college level of education through home or correspondence study, on-the-job training, television courses, military service, or other means may take the CLEP examinations which are offered by the College Entrance Examination Board. The list of subjects for which credit may be obtained by taking the CLEP is listed in the Bakersfield College Catalog. For more information, visit the CLEP Information page.

BC Outreach Team Hosting Virtual Express Enrollment Event

College is a very exciting and challenging time for new students. BC’s Outreach Team has prepared a fast-paced, one-day event so students can get through all of the enrollment steps and leave registered for courses. BC’s goal is student success, and that is why any new student, even if they are not enrolled, is welcome to participate. 

Participants will get an introduction to Bakersfield College, receive information on financial aid assistance, get an overview of placement and education planning, and get enrollment help. Students have the opportunity to become a Renegade in one day!

For more information, please visit the Express Enrollment information page.

Project HireUp Hosts event Celebrating Graduates

Bakersfield College’s Project HireUp hosted a celebration for the graduates of the Summer Cohort 2022 on June 30th at The Summit, a facility and coffee shop at Canyon Hills Church. Those who participated in the program were recognized for their accomplishments and received a Certificate of Completion to commemorate their completion of the program.

Project HireUp was launched in the Spring 2020, a collaboration between BC, the Mission at Kern County, the faith-based local non-profit City Serve, and industry partners including Adventist Health.

The goal of Project HireUp is to decrease homelessness in Kern County through a creative and innovative partnership that supports students who are currently experiencing housing insecurity in continuing their education and securing employment. 

Congratulations to all of the graduates of the program, and thank you to everyone who contributes to the success of Project HireUp and its participants.

Office Of  Student Life Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride Month with Pride Rocks!

Wednesday June 29th the Office of Student Life along with the Consent Project Club held a fun Pride event called “Pride Rocks!”. Freemomhugs was also onsite for the event! The BC community came and enjoyed rainbow-colored drinks and snacks while they painted rocks for Pride to inspire and encourage people while also putting smiles on everyone’s face. 

Kern Coalition for CERF

This week, the Kern CCD hosted a series of events that brought together The Kern Coalition – a group of local entities working toward the goal of securing a CERF (Community Economic Resilience Fund) grant from the state.

In addition to the Kern CCD, the coalition includes Community Action Partnership of Kern, B3K, and the Kern, Inyo & Mono Counties Central Labor Council. Kern CCD will be the fiscal agent for this grant.

On Wednesday, the Kern CCD hosted two online meetings discussing updates to the CERF application.

Here’s the video from the 11 am meeting:

Check out this article by John Cox for The Bakersfield Californian.

And stay up to date about the process by visiting the Kern Coalition CERF website at https://www.kccd.edu/cerf.

Fun Photos & Spotted on Social Media

Here are some great photos from last weekend’s Beautiful Bakersfield Awards:

The BC Team:

And Kern CCD Trustees Yovani Jimenez and Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg:

PC President Claudia Habib shared this post on the the CC League Leadership Program:

Wonderful time at @CCLeague Leadership Program, learning and talking to fellow CEOs @CalCommColleges inspired by the amazing Pascale Charlot. Thank you @EloyOakley for visiting with us. #CollegeCEOs #Leadership #Courage #Equity #StudentFocused

Cheryl Harris Scott shared this from the BC Foundation:

BC Foundation Planning Retreat. It was a day filled with strategy and planning for the coming academic year…with a lot of fun and laughs mixed in, too. Oh yes, and some Escape Room sleuthing (and screaming) as we searched for, and found, Bigfoot! 😆

I’ve been enjoying following the BC team at this week’s Online Teaching Conference in Long Beach:


That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KernCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor


Kern CCD everywhere

This past week was a crazy week of travel….. First to ACCT (Association of Community College Trustees), then one day in Bakersfield and off again to a presentation at the Spencer Foundation.

At the institute, Catherine Webb and I presented two sessions on accreditation.

Here I am at the Spencer Foundation conference.

With flight delays on both trips, I finally got back home yesterday …. here I am Sunday early morning trying to get my blog post published.

Good morning, friends.
It is June 26, 2022.
The sun shines bright over KernCCD.

Porterville College

PC receives important distinction from California Virtual Campus

Porterville College has been certified as a Local Peer Online Course Review College (POCR) through the California Virtual Campus (CVC).

This accomplishment is due in large part to the leadership of faculty member Karen Bishop, and the dedicated Porterville College team of faculty who reached this major milestone. The POCR process was designed to ensure that students across the California Community College system have access to high-quality online courses designed to support student learning and success.
Due to this certification, each Porterville College POCR-reviewed course will receive a Quality Reviewed badge in the CVC Exchange and, as such, will appear at the top of the search results when students look for classes at cvc.edu

Thank you to PC’s amazing Faculty Team for helping Porterville College become one of the growing number of colleges that are leading the way in online education in California.

Celebration of Juneteenth

Students, Administrators and Staff gather
in the PC Quad
Student Life and Leadership Program Manager
Jasmin Quinones and PC Counselor Katherine
Figueroa prep the Juneteenth event booth in the PC Quad

This year, Porterville College joined with KernCCD to celebrate Juneteenth. 

Today, people across the country celebrate Juneteenth in honor of African American freedom and achievement. We take time during this day to educate, advocate, and celebrate the holiday. It is a day to recognize the past and strive toward a more inclusive and equitable future.

PC also celebrated with a display in the Learning Resource Center Lobby and several online resources that you can refer to below:

Cerro Coso Community College

Cerro Coso Recruiting Student Peer Mentors

Want to become a paid Peer Mentor for ACCESS Programs?  Attend the information session being held on July 12 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Ridgecrest campus community room or via Zoom, to learn more about the qualifications and the mentors role.

The purpose of the Peer Mentor Program is to aid new students in their transition to the academic, extracurricular and social aspects of the college by connecting them with students who serve as role models, mentors, and resources. Peer mentor relationships are critical to both cognitive and affective learning. We also know that early intervention positively affects retention and contributes to the success of first-year students.

Peer mentors are positive role models who offer guidance, encouragement, and a supportive network that contributes to their peers overall college success.  Mentors build connections with students through regular meetings, promote student engagement, and assist with program activities and college events.

Please direct all questions to Rachel Barksdale at Rachel.barksdale@cerrocoso.edu

Harmon Recipient of CISOA Scholarship

Cerro Coso student Alexander Harmon is the 2022 recipient of a scholarship from the California Community College Chief Information Systems Officer’s Association (CISOA), a non-profit organization supporting technology leadership in the California Community College System.   

Living in Boron, California, Harmon is an online student, but would study from time to time and take his proctored exams at the main campus in Ridgecrest.  A triple major in Web Professional, Information Technology, and Cyber Security, Harmon graduated from Cerro Coso this May and is currently finishing the last class he needs to earn his Web Professional degree.    

Harmon credits the support and kindness of the Cerro Coso Library and Learning Resource Center (LRC) for drawing him to Cerro Coso.  “When I first moved from North Carolina to California, I was in the middle of my semester from my previous college. At the time, I didn’t have a laptop and I needed to use my desktop for 3d modeling programs to complete my assignments. The Library/LRC staff at Cerro Coso let me bring my desktop, monitor, and peripherals to one of the study rooms so that I could successfully finish my semester from a different online college.  After a year and being qualified for in-state tuition, I knew that I wanted to attend Cerro Coso. Because if the staff would help me, a student from outside of the school, to succeed in my education. They will absolutely help me when I am a student at Cerro Coso,” he said.  “College can be daunting at first, but there is always someone that will help students to overcome the challenges that they face at Cerro Coso.”

Without much experience in applying for scholarships, Harmon wants to thank his Instructor Chris Harper for telling him about the CISOA scholarship and encouraging him to apply.  “I was not really expecting to get the scholarship,” he said.  “It really surprised me when I was told that I got the scholarship. My advice to others students is to simply try it, you might be surprised too!” 

“One of the reasons I decided to attend Cerro Coso and enjoy it was because the staff and teachers at the college are very supportive. Even to non-Cerro Coso students”. He concluded.  “Compared to other colleges that I have attended, I think that Cerro Coso has the best online courses that I have ever seen. Cerro Coso’s online resources are excellent.”

Dr. Chad Houck named VP Finance & Administrative Services

Chad Houck

Dr. Chad Houck has been approved by the Kern Community College District Board of Trustees at their June board meeting to serve as the new Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services, effective July 1, 2022.  He replaces VP Lisa Couch, who has done tremendous work supporting Cerro Coso as well as Kern CCD as a whole.   

Lisa Couch

Dr. Houck joined the Cerro Coso Community College administration as the Dean of Instruction – Liberal Arts and Sciences in July of 2017, demonstrating integrity and a commitment to our college community throughout his five years of service.

In his new position, Dr. Houck will be directly responsible for providing fiscal and financial analysis, prepare the college budget, oversee maintenance and operations, college facilities planning, public safety,food services, the mailroom, and liaison with various vendor contractors. 

Dr. Houck’s other duties will include participating in policy development in matters of fiscal management and business operations; coordinate the planning, development, and implementation of innovative approaches to fiscal management; oversee the purchase, maintenance, and repair of equipment and facilities; serve as auxiliary liaison with auxiliary service contractors; liaison with District Facilities Planning and Construction, as well as contractors; monitor budgets in areas of responsibility; and serve as the Cerro Coso Community College Foundation Secretary/Treasurer. 

Dr. Houck came to CCCC from the K-12 system, where he spent three years as the principal of South Lake Tahoe High School.  No stranger to the remote setting, he has worked closely with the community, industry, and education partners in Lake Tahoe to develop dual enrollment offerings and collaborate in innovative ways to improve access and close achievement gaps.  Prior to his time at South Lake Tahoe, he spent a year as the principal of Mesquite High School in Ridgecrest, and before that, eight years at Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest as assistant principal of curriculum and instruction.

Bakersfield College

Bakersfield College Choral Program Fireworks Booth

Get ready to celebrate the Fourth of July and support a worthy cause by purchasing your fireworks from the Bakersfield Choirs Fireworks Booth at 35184 Merle Haggard Drive! The booth opens on July 1st at Noon and will continue to open each morning at 8:00 a.m. and close at 11:00 p.m. through the Fourth of July.  Your purchases will support the BC’s Chamber Singers and their opportunity to represent our community in Vienna, Prague and Berlin in June 2023. They still need to raise over $70,000 and your purchases can go a long way to reach that goal! Thank you for all your support:

35814 Merle Haggard Drive
Hours of operation:

  • July 1: 12:00 pm -11:00 pm
  • July 2: 8 am – 11 pm
  • July 3: 8 am – 11 pm
  • July 4: 8 am – 12:00 am

Bakersfield College Performing Arts Presents “Seussical The Musical”

Bakersfield College’s Performing Arts Department is proud to present “Seussical The Musical”, the beloved musical from the writers of Anastasia and Ragtime. The play features several of Dr. Seuss’ most beloved characters, including Horton the Elephant, Jojo, the Who’s and The Cat in the Hat. This whimsical production will be a great event for fans of all ages.

Performances will take place July 15th-23rd at BC’s Edward Simonsen Indoor Theater. Tickets start at $10 and are available through the BC Performing Arts Eventbrite page. We hope to see you there!

Uvalde Remembrance

On Tuesday morning, the KernCCD came together in remembrance of the lives lost last month in the Uvalde school massacre. At each of our campuses, we joined for discussion and reflection, and we watched a video where our campus community shared details about the lives lost in that tragedy.

Gian Gayatao, KernCCD student trustee, led the effort to develop the program. The touching student-created video honored each victim of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas on May 24, 2022.  The video also highlighted many other similar tragedies that have happened around the nation over the past several years.  

At Porterville College, Vice President of Student Services Primavera Arvizu led a thoughtful and meaningful discussion about campus safety with the PC Team. They discussed the prevalent feelings in the room after watching the video and went over some of the things we can do to ensure the safest environment possible for ourselves and our students in the future.

Campus Safety Manager Cameron Anderson closed out this important gathering with an overview of some of the hard work being done behind the scenes to keep our campus as safe as possible.

At Cerro Coso, Vice President of Student Services Heather Ostash facilitated the discussion.

At Bakersfield College,  Dean of Students Nicky Damania gave an emotional address about the impact of this nationwide crisis, sharing about his first experience with school shootings when the Columbine attack happened a few miles from where he was living in Colorado at the time. 

BC’s Delano Campus also held a remembrance event and discussion.

In the afternoon, a special Chancellor’s Seminar Series focused on Keeping Our School Safe. Joe Grubbs, KernCCD Executive Director of Risk Assessment & Management, led a discussion with local police and our campus safety leaders.

Thank you to Bakersfield Police Department Assistant Chief Brent Stratton, Porterville Police Department Captain Dominic Barteau, Ridgecrest Police Department Captain Justin Dampier, BC Interim Executive Director of College Safety Todd Dearmore, PC Safety and Security Manager Cameron Anderson, and CCCC Safety and Security Manager Kevin King.

Videos from this webinar will be available later this week on the KernCCD website at https://www.kccd.edu/chancellors-office/chancellors-communications/chancellors-seminar-series.

In the meantime, I’d like to share my remarks from the seminar:

In the News

Community Voices: New pathways for advancement open in Arvin

Cheryl Scott and Mindy Wilmot penned this piece in The Bakersfield Californian about the groundbreaking of BC’s Arvin Campus.

BC’s expanding presence in Arvin is not just a convenience but a necessity to address educational disparities that have wide-ranging impacts in today’s world. While the main Bakersfield College campus is about 20 miles from the houses we grew up in, it may as well be hundreds for some students who lack transportation, face high gas prices, or have work or caregiver obligations.

Fun Photos and Spotted on Social Media

Last week, BC Athletic Director Reggie Bolton spoke at the Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club. He talked about the importance of athletes focusing on education and community service, on top of their athletic endeavors. Here he is with BC Foundation Executive Director Cheryl Scott and BC Associate Dean of Instruction Mindy Wilmot!

Check out the BC team at the NAACP 7th Annual Juneteenth Celebration on June 18th at Yokuts Park in Bakersfield:

Cerro Coso Community College shared this campus view:

Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh shared this post on Facebook:
Congratulations to the graduates of the KC-Hispanic Chamber Commerce Business Academy. During the 8-week course, entrepreneurs learned strategies to successfully grow their businesses. Special thanks to President/CEO Jay Tamsi, board of directors, and Academy facilitators Norma Rojas-Mora and David Alanis. Many thanks to sponsor Tri Counties Bank. Joyous celebration at La Costa Mariscos Bakersfield.”


That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KernCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor


Kern CCD reflects on 2021-22 and plans for 2022-23

This week, colleagues from across the District came together for the Chancellor’s Retreat. It was an intense yet fun-filled three days… at least for me 🙂 All three of our colleges and the District office were well represented as we tackled issues facing higher ed and discussed how we at Kern CCD would continue #DaringMightyThings to #CreateTheFuture.

One memorable highlight was a competitive game that felt more like a snowball fight!

It was wonderful to spend the week with so many members of our KernCCD community.

Good morning, friends.
It is June 18, 2022.
The sun shines bright over KernCCD.

Porterville College

Two PC Administrators complete Leadership Porterville program

The Leadership Porterville Class of 2022

The Leadership Porterville Class of 2022 was recently honored by the City of Porterville for their amazing work this year and for completing the leadership program started by former Porterville College Administrator, former Porterville Mayor, and current Porterville City Councilwoman, Virginia Gurolla.

We’re proud to say that among this year’s graduates were Student Life and Leadership Program Manager Jasmin Quiñones and Dual Enrollment & CTE Program Director Refugio “Ref” Rodríguez.  Congratulations to all of the graduates. 

PC helps students “GearUp” for college with new program

The Porterville College Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) is now accepting applications from 8th grade students attending Bartlett, Earlimart, and Pioneer Middle Schools in the Porterville Area. 

GEAR UP is a federally funded program designed to elevate the academic achievement, college attendance, and graduation rates of first-generation, low-income, underrepresented, and underserved students.

To receive the services and support of the GEAR UP program, students can apply for FREE at https://tinyurl.com/PCGearUpApp.

You can learn more about this new program at www.portervillecollege.edu/gear-up

PC to host career jumpstart internships over summer

Beginning this July, Porterville College, along with several higher education and industry partners, will be providing a new resource designed specifically for incoming Central Valley high school seniors (current juniors) with an interest in learning more about careers in Industrial technologies.

The Jump Start into Industrial Careers Internship is a regional partnership between PC, West Hills College Lemoore, College of the Sequoias and Reedley College. It offers 4-week paid internships to students to help them gain the skills they need for jobs with local manufacturing companies.

The goal of the program is to attract and engage the next generation of highly skilled employees needed by local industry and to better prepare them to fill that demand in the future.

Each student in this summer program will receive a $1500 scholarship/stipend for their participation, which is funded by public and private dollars along with corporate sponsorships. The training will cover topics such as OSHA safety, electrical & tech careers.  Students will be given tours of local industry facilities and more.

There are over 12 million jobs in manufacturing in the U.S. alone. By 2030, an estimated 4 million more manufacturing jobs will be needed. This program will help in the development of the talent needed to fill those jobs.

The Jump Start into Industrial Careers Internship program runs from July 5th – July 28th on the PC campus.  For more information, visit https://sites.google.com/view/jumpstartintoindustrialcareers/home

Cerro Coso Community College

CC to Hold Campus Pride Safe Space Training

Friday, June 24, from 1-3 pm

The Campus Pride Safe Space Training Program is a nationally recognized program that provides training and signage for institutions committed to supporting LGBTQ students. A Safe Space Program is one of the measures of a supportive campus on the Campus Pride Index (CampusPrideIndex.org). We are offering a two-hour online version of the Safe Space Training. This online training prepares individuals to understand the importance of a Safe Space, learn terminology and LGBTQ identities, and how to be a Safe Space. Participants will receive an official Campus Pride Safe Space certificate with their name upon completion of the full two-hour training.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learn and understand key moments in the LGBTQ civil rights movement.
  2. Explain the difference between sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
  3. Define terminology used to describe sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
  4. Explore and identify ways to be an advocate/ally for LGBTQ people.
  5. Discuss how you can take action as a Safe Space.

If you would like to be registered for one of these training sessions, contact Tanner Barnett at tanner.barnett@cerrocoso.edu or call 760-384-6249. Cerro Coso will cover the cost of the registration for anyone interested in taking the training for the first time, or in refreshing a previous training, so be sure to register by contacting Tanner.

Date & Time:  Fri, 06/24/2022 – 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Location: Ridgecrest, IWV Campus

Talley Receives Emeritus Status

Retired Cerro Coso Counseling Professor Penny Talley was granted emeritus status by the Kern Community College District (KCCD) Board of Trustees in May.   

Talley retired in December 2021 after 26+ years of service to the college.  Starting off as an office aid in Student Services in 1988 as a temp hourly employee, Penny quickly became a counseling technician.  But, she always knew she wanted to be a counselor at the college. 

After earning her degrees, Penny returned to Cerro Coso in 1995 as an Education Advisor.  She has heled many titles during her career including CARE Coordinator, EOPS Assistant Director, Access Counselor, and Director of EOPS/CARE to name a few.

Regardless of the title, her focus has always been on serving students to help them overcome challenges and helping them to change their lives by achieving their academic goals. 

A lot has changed since Penny first joined Cerro Coso in 1988.  She has seen many advances during her career with us.   But, one thing hasn’t changed…if you treat students with respect and robust expectations, they will return the favor, and they will succeed.  Penny has personally witnessed many students succeed in ways they never dreamed possible and played an important role in their achievements.  Recognizing her outstanding support for students has gained her many awards over the years.  In 2005 her biography was included in the eighth edition of “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers,” a publication that allows students to honor the teacher that has made the most significant impact in their lives.  A student in Penny’s Counseling C102 class – Becoming a Life Long Learner – nominated her for the publication. 

Penny also served as the Advisor of the Special Services United Club for many years.  The club provides students with the opportunity to develop a networking system that is cohesive with the challenges they encounter day-to-day.  It helps students to develop leadership skills through a variety of presentations and activities both on campus and in the community.  The club also seeks to educate the college and community about ethnic-cultural diversity and the needs and contributions of disabled and economically challenged people.  Through the year’s the club has held annual Angel Tree events for program students and their children, Coat Drives, Food Drives, Clothing Drives, and other types of events. 

A 1982 graduate of Cerro Coso Community College – FOREVER A COYOTE, Penny holds a BA from California State University, Bakersfield, and an MS from the University of La Verne. 

Your big heart for Cerro Coso students and dedication, knowledge, and caring attitude will be missed by all.  Thank you Penny we wish you well in your retirement.   

Three Faculty Make Tenure at Cerro Coso

Cerro Coso Community College is proud to announce that the Kern Community College District has granted tenure to Andrew Burch, Biology (ESCC), Melissa Bowen, Social Science (East Kern), and Michael Bonner, Mathematics (IWV)

Andrew Burch, (ESCC Bishop and Mammoth Lakes.) Biology

Originally from San Diego, Biology Professor Andrew Burch spent most of his life in northern, central, and southern California.  After graduating from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Burch and wife Jenny moved to Thailand where he taught science at an international school and she taught elementary school.  While in Thailand, the two spent a fair amount of time traveling within and through neighboring countries.  After finishing their degrees, Burch highly recommends his students consider moving abroad (if circumstances permit) because, “it broadens your worldview, helping you to appreciate the benefits and luxuries associated with living in this great country (some you may not even realize!) It also shows that there are alternative ways to live, and some may find that the way things are done in other countries are an improvement to the way we do things here.” Burch holds a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Biological Sciences from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of California, Davis. 

Melissa Bowen, (East Kern) Psychology and Human Services

Professor Bowen joined the full-time faculty ranks at Cerro Coso as Assistant Professor of Psychology and Human Services in 2018. Previously serving as an adjunct instructor at the college since 2015. Voted “Instructor of the Year” by incarcerated students in the California City Prison in 2018, Bowen’s motto in life is “embrace constructive criticism and introspection, and always improve and grow. Her previous experience in the field includes providing crisis response services for the Navy and at local shelters. Bowen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Mills College, Master’s Degree in Psychology from Walden University, and a Doctorate in Social Work from the University of Southern California.

Michael Bonner, (IWV) Mathematics

Associate Professor Michael Bonner spent 30 years working in the aerospace industry at Edwards Air Force Base. Among his favorite jobs was working as the technical expert for navigation and GPS testing and Director of Engineering for the Global Research Combined Test Force. He also enjoyed teaching navigation and GPS for the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School. Bonner has a passion for teaching and loves mathematics. He taught for Cerro Coso as an adjunct for over 17 years prior to joining the college as a full-time instructor.  He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northern Arizona University, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from CSU Fresno, an Online Teaching Certificate from Cerro Coso, and attended Air War College – Maxwell AFB, Alabama

“The faculty at Cerro Coso Community College have exhibited extraordinary dedication to student success, going above and beyond to ensure students have the support they need to navigate many unanticipated challenges,” said President Sean Hancock. “I am proud to represent an institution with such high-quality faculty and I am greatly impressed with the many talents and expertise of this year’s new cohort of tenured faculty.  Our students and our communities have benefited from the knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion, and dedication of these faculty.”

Rising Scholars Program Participates in Laptop Pilot Program

Rising Scholars Program Faculty Jeff Newby, Michael Muhme, Joseph Tipay, Shawn Newsom, Isaias Hernandez and Bryan Hirayama after completing CDCR training.

Bakersfield College’s Rising Scholars Program is taking part in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations’ laptop pilot program. The pilot program will start during the Fall 2022 Semester and will grant students the opportunity to access their assignments, materials, and have correspondence with their instructors through a secure network. This pilot program will take place at all five of the adult institutions that Bakersfield College is currently serving. Select faculty from a variety of disciplines, such as Communication, History, Art, and Psychology, will pilot the first phase of the pilot program. These faculty members recently received onsite training at Wasco State Prison.

Incarcerated college students having access to laptops is an advancement that the state of California is encouraging. This will allow incarcerated students to develop and increase their digital literacy, research skills, and technical communication skills. If all goes well, the Rising Scholars Program anticipates additional courses to utilize the laptops during future semesters. The Rising Scholars Program is excited to take part in this pilot program as we seek to provide our students with all the skills and tools needed to prepare them to thrive as they return to their communities.

Bakersfield College offers tuition-free, non-credit technical theatre courses

Bakersfield College’s Performing Arts Department is currently enrolling for two tuition-free non-credit courses in technical theatre, focusing on lighting and set construction. THEA B61NC (crn 51589) Lighting Lab and THEA B62NC (crn 51590) are currently available to register for anyone interested in building or expanding their knowledge and experience in technical theatre, no experience required. The two courses will meet concurrently Monday through Thursday from 1:00 PM to 3:25 PM, beginning on June 28th and lasting through July 14th.

The courses are described as intensive studies of set construction for theatrical productions and lighting as applied to live performance. Students will receive hands-on experience and instruction on construction equipment, professional protocols in scene shops, study of lighting instruments, and other related topics. The two courses will work together to build the technical aspects of the Performing Arts department’s summer musical.

CAPP’s Annual GPAP Convening

All three college teams traveled to Monterey with some of their high school partners this week for CAPP’s annual Guided Pathways Alignment Project Convening. The team discussed the progress of their CAPP (California Academic Partnership Program) grant partnerships and shared their successes with other teams from throughout the Central Valley. The CAPP grant funding supports our colleges’ and high schools’ efforts to connect our students with college and career by supporting initiatives like Finish in 4, Program Pathways Mapper, Early College, and strengthening our faculty pipeline. 

Thank you BC, CC, and PC teams for representing Kern CCD in Monterey this week and on these collaborative grant projects funded by CAPP. 

Fun Photos & Spotted on Social Media

Bakersfield College is in full swing with summer classes! Campus is bustling with students and faculty as summer courses began this week.

Here are some photos PC President Claudia Habib shared from the Chancellor’s Retreat:

Kimberly Bligh shared this photo from Bridge to BC:

And check out this video from Bridge to BC Opening Week

And Military & Veterans Services from Cerro Coso Community College wished the US Army a Happy Birthday:


That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KernCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor


Kern CCD’s top notch educators – it is not just what they do, but also how they do it.

It has been a beautiful and busy week celebrating educators in our community.

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak at the Delta Kappa Gamma and the AAUW (American Association of University Women) about Title IX. Dr. Micheller Mille-Galaz is the incoming President of DKG and Dean of Instruction at Porterville College.

Michelle Miller-Galaz, Sonya Christian, Sue Guenette
Sonya Christian, Janet Tarjan, Andrea Thorson, Chris Cruz Boone
Michelle Miller-Galaz, Reagan Dozier, Sonya Christian

Later in the week, on Thursday, the Kern Community College District honored John Means at the Board of Trustees meeting.

Here is an excerpt from my remarks at the Board meeting.

Colleagues are impressed not only by what John does, but also by how he does his work, which is rooted in who he is. John’s character, integrity and humility garners the trust and respect of others, resulting in strengthened partnerships and life-changing outcomes for our students and for the communities in which they live.

Throughout his career, John was tough-minded in doing what is right, yet tender-hearted in his interactions with colleagues, regardless of their rank, title or position.

I will share video from the presentations in a later blog, but for now please enjoy these photos.

Jack Connell, Yovani Jimenez, Kyle Carter, Sonya Christian, John Means, John Corkins, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Romeo Agbalog, Kay Meel
John Means, Trustee Romeo Agbalog
Kern CCD Board of Trustees
John Means, Manny Mourtzanos
Bob Simpkins, John Means

Good morning, friends.
It is June 11, 2022.
The sun shines bright over KernCCD.

Porterville College

Student Veterans Help the Porterville Homeless Community

Partnering with the Homeless Outreach Project (HOP), our Student Veterans Organization (SVO), ventured out into the local homeless community to handout solar lanterns, which were purchased by the SVO, as well as dog food, hygiene kits, and water.

The PC SVO meets every two weeks to build camaraderie and discuss ways in which they can help fellow Veterans and the surrounding community.  The SVO has raised thousands of dollars through fundraising events to help provide resources such as these to those in our community who need them.

If you would like to contribute to PC’s SVO, and their efforts, please consider purchasing a SVO Fundraising T-shirt, available inside the PC VRC, or by contacting us at 559-791-2222.

PC Student Veterans Organization members meet in the Veteran’s Resource Center.

PC Hosts Campus Tour for Native American High School Students

The Porterville College Native American Club recently hosted a group of Native American high school students for a campus tour, lunch, and admissions presentation.

The PC Native American Club helps to build an on-campus sense of community for those students who identify as Native American. 

The high school students in attendance for the tour came from various local high schools, including Monache, Porterville, Butterfield, and Harmony High Schools. The Native American Club did an amazing job at exposing these students to what college life looks like at Porterville College. 

Also of note:  This year, Porterville College had 18 Native American student graduates!

Cerro Coso Community College

CC Hosts Eastern Sierra Entrepreneur Regional Summit for Climate Innovation and Business Opportunities

The Eastern Sierra Small Business Resource Center (BRC) and Cerro Coso Community College hosted the Eastern Sierra Entrepreneur Regional Summit for Climate Innovation and Business Opportunities on May 31, 2022.

The event brought together over 75 small business owners, entrepreneurially-minded professionals, and stakeholders from the climate innovations sector together to learn from each other, network, and generate business opportunities for the surrounding area. It was designed for founders and owners of companies, as well as entry and executive-level employees who were looking to grow their network or find new opportunities in the climate opportunities and innovations sector.

Professor Peter Fulks spoke at the event and shared Cerro Coso’s upcoming forestry, land management, and sustainable recreation pathways that are in development. Katie Bachman, Jennifer Marshall, and Nicole Harper attended the event to promote Cerro Coso’s programs and networked with employers for potential internships.

Mid-Night Madness Co-Ed Grass Doubles Volleyball Fundraiser

Grass doubles are a great way to build volleyball skills while having fun outdoors. 

Cerro Coso Volleyball is hosting a Mid-Night Madness Co-Ed Grass Doubles Fundraiser on the college soccer field on Saturday, July 9, 2022 at 6 p.m.

Cost to participate is $60 per a team of two and includes a t-shirt and prizes. 

All those interested in participating are encouraged to reach out to Coach Andy at Andrew.cole@cerrocoso.edu.   Rules and more information provided after sign-up. 

Employees Receive CPR, First Aid, AED Training

It’s an investment you hope you’ll never need to use, but it’s one that everyone should make. CPR, First Aid, AED training for employees is an important step for emergency preparedness and safety in the workplace. Approximately 400,0000 people die each year from sudden cardiac arrest.    

The training provided by High Desert Training Services provided correct knowledge and skills for handling emergency situations that helps respond appropriately to an emergency situation.  Employees received training on workplace chemical injuries, cuts, sprains, fractures, eye burns, abrasions and various other injuries.  This training also helps employees become more aware of safety hazards and spot potential hazards before they occur. 

CCCC Proud Sponsor of Eastern Sierra Pride Festival

Eastern Sierra Pride spearheaded an inaugural Pride Festival on June 4th and 5th at the Tri-County Fairgrounds, and other venues, in Bishop. The first-of-its-kind Pride Festival to celebrate local and visiting LGBTQIA2SP+ community. 

The festival included a drag show, dancing, a Tupperware party, bingo, musical performances, stand-up comedy, and more. 

In addition to scheduled Pride Festival events, there were many local businesses and organizations hosting vendor and information booths on the 5th.

“The inaugural Pride event was very special to so many people,” said a post on the group’s Facebook page.  “It was even more special, with the presence of the local agencies that we all know so well, in our every day lives.  The Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, and the National Park Service collaborated to have a presence at Pride, and they brought their special friend!” Smokey the bear.  “This meant a lot to so many people.”

Cerro Coso Community College was there too and was a proud sponsor of the event. 

In addition to organizing the Pride Festival, Eastern Sierra Pride will continue to host local community meetups in Bishop on the 1st Monday of each month at Mountain Rambler Brewer from 6 to 9 pm, and in Mammoth Lakes at the Mammoth Brewing Company.   

True belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are. – Brené Brown

Bakersfield College

BC Foundation Hall of Fame Tickets Still Available

The Bakersfield College Foundation Hall of Fame dinner and recognition of the honorees will take place July 7th at Seven Oaks Country Club. Tickets are available ($150) and can be purchased online using this link: BC Alumni Hall of Fame Sponsorships & Tickets

The event will begin at 6:00 PM and sponsorship packages are still available as well. Tax-deductible sponsorship packages include Presenting Sponsor ($10,000), Legend Sponsor ($5,000), Knight Sponsor ($2,500), and Red & White Sponsor ($1,000).

The Bakersfield College Foundation nominates alumni who have made a significant impact through their profession, public and community service, or by making a positive influence in the lives of others. This year the honorees include Congressman Kevin McCarthy; NaTesha Johnson, the founder and owner of Upside Productions Management; Lou Barbich, a certified public accountant with 40 years of leadership in the community; and Shirley Haney, who has fostered more than 109 children in her home.

Steven Watkin Recognized as Career Technical Education Administrator of the Year

The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) has announced Steven Watkin as the recipient of the Career Technical Education Administrator of the Year recognition. The ACSA is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, serving more than 17,000 California educators.

Watkin, Bakersfield College’s Executive Director of Outreach and Early College and Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Services at KCCD, will be recognized with the award on Thursday, June 9th at Coconut Joe’s Banquet Hall.

With over 30 years of experience in the area of recruitment and retention, Steven Watkin has represented four higher educational institutions including Fresno Pacific University, Fresno State, CSU Bakersfield, and Bakersfield College.

For Bakersfield College, Watkin developed, implemented, and evaluated a college-wide outreach plan that included pre-collegiate student success programs, strengthened the college-going culture throughout Kern County, and built up and developed dual enrollment and BC’s Early College program.

Under his leadership, Bakersfield College saw growth in the areas of enrollment and in first-time students attempting increased unit loads in their first term. His goal was that students felt supported and knew their pathway towards a degree with clarity from the very start of their college journey and developed support such as the Comprehensive Student Education Plan to accomplish this hands-on support.

BC’s Lindsay Ono Presents at Bakersfield Home Show

This past weekend, the Bakersfield Edible Education Garden took center stage at the Bakersfield Home Show thanks to professor Lindsay Ono. Various presentations were given each day on things to enhance home gardening for those interested. It was a great opportunity to get new students into BC’s upcoming Edible Education Garden Noncredit courses. 

Learn More about Edible Gardening – Enroll in BC’s Non Credit

Learn about what plants need to grow and flourish in the garden. Explore the origins of the fruits and vegetables we eat today. 

Learn how to choose the right gardening method for your lifestyle and how to harvest produce year-round from your backyard.   Hands-on activities to make it fun!   

Enroll in ORNHB70NC to save your seat in class!

Veterans Resource Center Missing Man Table

BC’s Veteran Resource Center staff honored the over 81,600 military service members and DoD personnel missing in action in a Missing Man Table ceremony. The VRC saw incredible support from our Board of Trustees, senior administration, staff and faculty. Thank you to our community partners and veteran brothers from the Kern County Veteran Service Office, Wounded Heroes Fund, and Congressman McCarthy’s office and to our own BC History department for assisting in the ceremony. 

Veterans Resource Center to be Recognized with CMAA Architectural Innovation Award

The Southern California Chapter of the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) will honor BC with a Project Achievement Award for the excellent work completed on the college’s VRC. The  Award will be presented at the CMAA SoCal 29th Gala on June 30, 2022.

Oliver Rosales Receives Grant from Whiting Foundation

The Whiting Foundation has announced the grant recipients for 11 public humanities projects with one recipient for $50,000 being Bakersfield College History Professor Dr. Oliver Rosales. 

Dr. Rosales will utilize the grant funding to work with cultural heritage organizations and historic landmark sites in the San Joaquin Valley, on classroom resources, and a series of virtual and in-person events to teach teachers about history in rural California and train them to lead digital story mapping projects with their students.

Remembering Archie Sherman

I’d like to share this email I received from the BC Archives about the passing of Archible (Archie) Sherman:

Jackie Fisher let the Archives know that ARCHIBLE (ARCHIE) SHERMAN has died.  Archie was a gentle giant on campus for many years.  He was quiet spoken, but his very presence invited respect and attention.  He always had a warm smile and was known for the efficiency with which he carried out any assignment, and he had quite a variety in his years on campus.  Raised in Bakersfield, Archie had been a student at BC and received his AA before going on to a BS and MBA from California State University at Long Beach.  He became a teacher at BC in 1974, while teaching, Archie went on to receive his EdD from Nova University.  His quiet, efficient manner led him to be the Chair of the Public Service Department for many years.  When he retired in 1996, he was the Director of Admissions and Records.  Archie was an unusual person.  In whatever assignment he had, Archie was totally immersed in quietly helping others, whether students or faculty. He was a calm force for peaceful, non-violent resolutions of challenges and problems. Archie had a wisdom about him that was sought out by others.  He was a willing and natural mentor to many.  Archie Sherman will be missed both by Bakersfield College and the Bakersfield community.

Jerry Ludeke for the BC Archives

In the News

BC’s Broadway concert at Stars to raise funds for European tour

Chris Glaser wrote this piece for The Bakersfield Californian about the upcoming “Something’s Coming: An Evening with the BC Chamber Singers and Friends” concert.

“BC Chamber Singers will take a meaningful message to Central Europe: Our unwaveringly rigorous programs strive to bring joy and purpose to the lives of our students and audience members alike.”

Fun Photos & Spotted on Social Media

Nick Strobel shared these pictures of the blooms & buds on his saguaro cactus:

Cerro Coso Community College shared a snap from their recent movie night:

Jessica Wojtysiak introduced her new puppy Stanford:

Dr. Claudia Habib shared this from “First Friday Coffee”:

Great to see many friends, fellow Rotarians, agencies and business partners this morning at the Porterville Chamber of Commerce “First Friday Coffee”, sponsored by Eagle Mountain Casino.

KHSD tweeted about their incoming cohort of Early College students:

Daisy Gonzales shared a post from this week’s rally for an equitable CalGrant system:


That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KernCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor


Kern CCD – Transforming Lives

I am regularly awestruck by our youngsters — their brilliant minds, their creativity, their humanity and their commitment to making this world a better place. This week in particular I have marveled at their abilities.

On Thursday night, the Scripps National Spelling Bee crowned a new champion after a historic spell-off. Harini Logan, 14, won the first-ever spell-off, going head-to-head with Vikram Raju, 12. The contestants were challenged to spell as many words correctly as possible within 90 seconds. Harini spelled 21 of 26 correctly, while Vikram got 15 out of 19.

Photo by Alex Brandon/AP/Shutterstock

The spell-off was absolutely incredible – both of these youngsters should be very proud.

Check it out below:

This morning, Katya Echazarreta, 26, is the first Mexcan-born woman and the youngest American woman in space after the Blue Origins NS-21 rocket launched this morning from Van Horn, Texas. Katya is a product of the California Community Colleges system – she is an alumna of San Diego City College.

CA Community Colleges #TransformingLives.

Good morning, friends.
It is June 4, 2022.
The sun shines bright over KernCCD.

Porterville College

PC Celebrates PsychTech Graduates

A touching ceremony was held on Friday, May 27th, inside the Porterville College Gym to honor the Psychiatric Technology program’s class of 2022.  After entering the gym in a processional, the students took part in the Psychiatric Technician Pledge. 

The celebration continued with opening remarks from Kim Behrens, the Associate Dean of Health Careers for PC and a welcome from PC President Dr. Claudia Habib.  The evening’s keynote speaker was Kenneth Osborn, a registered nurse from the Porterville Developmental Center.

The crowded gym then heard from class representatives Joshua Roach and Yadira Arellano before the presentation of several awards and the pinning of each student by their families.

Congratulations to the Psych Tech Class of 2022!

PC Graduates Record Number of Transfer Students

For PC students, transfer can often be a more difficult step than degree/certificate completion – particularly given the distance we are from our nearest transfer institutions. The closest CSUs are 49 and 67 miles away and the nearest UC campuses over 120.

Each year, the KCCD Institutional Research & Reporting department updates transfer data for each school. This year shows an exciting increase in our numbers for transfer, indicating a record high of 398 students who transferred to 4-year institutions after graduation from PC. 

Below are a few tidbits from the most recent data, provided by PC Director of Institutional Research Michael Carly:

  • Total number of transfers was over 300 for the third consecutive year and 2020-21 is the highest ever with 398.
  • Our two biggest transfer institutions continue to be CSU-Fresno and CSU-Bakersfield.   We used to send more students to Fresno, then, as that university got more impacted, we were often sending more to Bakersfield.  But last year, Fresno was once again higher, 148 to 108.
  • 2020-21 was tied for the highest year ever for transfers to the UC system with 18.  Interestingly, this seems to be the first year we sent at least one student to each of the ten UC campuses, with Merced getting the most (4).

The transfer velocity report is one we don’t talk about often, but it’s one that is the closest we have to a statewide transfer rate, which is pulled from the State Chancellor’s Office Data Mart.  This uses the accepted definition of a transfer rate within six years, so ours is 34.7%.  We could go out even longer as some of our students, particularly those who work, take longer to transfer. Extending to eight years, the rate would be 41.5%, an additional 30 transfers.

PC Women’s Soccer Program will make its 2022 home debut
playing Cerro Coso

The PC Women’s Soccer Team at the Academic and Athletic Achievement Awards
on May 2, 2022

Women’s soccer comes to Porterville College as new head coach Amber Hernandez and the Pirates are getting set to compete in their first season in fall 2022. The PC Athletic Department recently released the new program’s full schedule for 2022.

Fall practice will begin in August and the Pirates will begin their season with a scrimmage at Santa Monica College on Tuesday, August 23. A little over two weeks later, Porterville officially kicks off the 17-game season schedule on Friday, September 9 with its opening contest at Sacramento City College.

Porterville will play its first two games on the road before the Pirates make their home debut on Friday, Sept. 16 against Cerro Coso College at 6 p.m.

Following that match, PC begins its 14-game Central Valley Conference schedule at Merced College on Sept. 27. That is followed by a CVC game at Reedley College before the Pirates play their first home conference contest, in an Oct. 4 match up against visiting Fresno City College at 4 p.m.

The regular-season finale is set for Nov. 11 at 3 p.m. against Taft College in Porterville.

Click here to view the complete schedule.

Porterville College #TransformingLives

Cerro Coso Community College

Lead with Love: Celebrate Pride Month with Cerro Coso Community College

Photo by Markus Spiske: The rainbow is the most widely recognized LGBTQ+ symbol in the world. The first LGBT rainbow flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in 1978.  It immediately became and has continued to be the symbol of Pride

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and Cerro Coso Community College is honored to celebrate it with our diverse students, staff, faculty, and community member.  Come out and join us in celebration!

Join the college in celebration by wearing any and all things rainbow on Wednesday, June 8th,or stop by the counseling desk at the Ridgecrest Campus to pick up a rainbow bracelet!

Friday, June 10th and 24th from 1-3 pm is Campus Pride Safe Space Training, a nationally recognized program that provides training and signage for institutions committed to support LGBTQ students.  A Safe Space Program is one of the measures of a supportive campus on the Campus Pride Index (CampusPrideIndex.org).  The college is offering a two-hour online version of the Safe Space Training. 

On Monday, June 20 from 1-3 pm is Stop the Hate training.  Stop the Hate is an educational initiative of Campus Pride and supports colleges and universities in preventing and combating hate on campus as well as fostering the development of community.  The national program serves as the premiere source of anti-hate education resources for higher education institutions and campus communities. 

Both training sessions are open to the community.  If you are interested in registering for either of these trainings please contact Tanner Barnett at tanner.barnett@cerrocoso.edu or call 760-384-6249. 

The College will also be hosting two Movie Nights in the Sculpture Garden.  Bring your blankets and/or chairs and enjoy the movies Rent on Thursday, June 9 at 8 pm and 3 Generations will be shown on Thursday, June 23 at 8 pm.  Admission and popcorn are FREE. 

Weekend Police Academy Courses at Cerro Coso

Cerro Coso Community College is offering Police Academy courses in Tehachapi this fall, helping to fill a shortage of police and law enforcement officers statewide.

Post Reserve Officer Level III and II is a progressive series of part time academy courses.  These courses are taken in sequence, module 3, 2, 1.  Must be 18 or older to start. The modular academy provides the same certifications as a full-time academy, through extended part-time courses.  The schedule is more flexible and each module provide different job opportunities or career advancement.  People may exit and return into the program after meeting the modular certificate requirements, whereas a full-time intensive academy requires a six month full-time commitment.  The different options serve different people.    

Cerro Coso Community College’s part-time modular format Police Academy is state certified by POST and meets the requirements for hire at agencies statewide. 

With a Module III, Arrest and firearms certifications (PC 832) recruits are allowed to serve as level III reserve officers, prisoner transport, park ranger, code enforcement, animal control officer, arson investigator, or federal law enforcement working within the state of California.

Module II, Reserve officer level II certification allows recruits to work as a paid or unpaid reserve officer with police powers on duty (under PC 830.6), parole agent, probation officer, some investigators, transit, harbor, or port officer, and Native American tribal police.

Module l, recruits are eligible to become a full-time sworn police officer or deputy within the state of California.     

Fall classes begin August 22, 2022.  To enroll students must become a Cerro Coso student, register for all three courses (ADMJ C140, C142, & C143), and will receive an application packet in an email.

For more information on the weekend Police Academy at Cerro Coso contact Academy Director Peter Fulks at peter.fulks@cerrocoso.edu

Sports Camps a Big Hit for Local Youth