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Did YOUR Phone Ring?

BCAlert Text Message

This text message was received by all BC students and staff who allow us to send emergency text messages.

This morning, at 10 a.m., Bakersfield College issued a test of BCAlert, our emergency notification system. Each semester, in the third week of classes, we test BCAlert. This allows us to make sure our skills in operating the system are current, and that all our students and staff understand this important resource is available.

With the prevalence of school violence recently, it was very important to make sure all students and staff know how the college will communicate in an emergency.

Through BCAlert, we can notify you all of situations happening, instructions for how you should act, and important cautions about events unfolding.

As a BC student or staff member, you are automatically subscribed to BCAlert and will receive emergency notifications from us when the need arises. You need do nothing to stay subscribed.

Anyone remember the LAST time we used BCAlert for an emergency? 10 points to whomever remembers when, and why, BCAlert was used.