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Life at Bakersfield College


This past week has been crazy with a lot of time spent on the road, heading down to southern California for the Board of Governors (BOG) meeting and then back up to northern California for the CCLC Convention. I got back home late yesterday and am enjoying a quiet Sunday morning.  Weather.com says that the high is going to be 72 today. Yes! Time for a long relaxed walk.  Maybe to the Farmer’s market.

Thought I would share with you through pictures some of the highlights from last week.  And I am certain that this list does not even scratch the surface of the happenings at BC. As we get into the Thanksgiving week let me just thank you my dear colleagues for all that you do for BC and our students.  I am so thankful to have the best job in the world.  I come to work, just delighted to hang out and work hard with you. We are….BC!

Where do i begin……. Maybe Delano.

If you are on twitter just #BCDelano or @RichMcCrown and you will catch up with the activities on our campus in North Kern.  And btw, if you are not on twitter, go ahead and get an account.  This will give you an opportunity to participate in another community virtually and follow the back channel conversations through hashtags.


Liz Morris: “You are the future of Delano. You are the change.”

Ricardo Chavez: “You need to decide if Delano is worth it.”

Janet Rananal: “There is something happening in the community that I want to be a part of …..”


Jonathan Hernandez:

Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez



So proud to see one of our own make headlines.

Jonathan Hernandez, a communication professor from central California, recently gained national attention for being ranked fifth highest-rated university professor in the country during the 2014-2015 academic year on the instructor-ranking site RateMyProfessor.com. The site has collected over 16 million student ratings and the most recent installment of their “Annual Top Lists” report combined weighted professors’ scores from this year and previous years to create their ranking.

Check out the website at: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/what-ive-learned-top-rated-college-professor-jonathan-hernandez-n458021


Communication Department Showcase:


Mark Staller Communication Dept Showcase Nov 2015


I briefly attended the Communication Department Showcase and enjoyed seeing Forum East packed with students, faculty, and community members.  There was great energy in the room.

And the student speech I heard was phenomenal. Thank you communication faculty, and thank you Denise Norris for the fabulous reception.

Looks like I need to replace my old iphone to take better pictures.  Here is Prof. Mark Staller, department chair, introducing the program.


Redesigning America’s Community Colleges Book Discussion:

Student Panel on Redesigning America's CC Nov 19 2015

Our student panels have been just great.  If you did not have an opportunity to listen to our students, Manny De Los Santos has the videos posted on the website.  Check it out.


Thank you Kimberly Bligh, Odella Johnson, Nicky Damania, and Lesley Bonds for pulling together the 5 student panels.

Btw, as I was writing this blog, I got an email from both Kate Pluta and Janet Fulk with a link to this report by Rob Johnstone: Guided Pathways Demystified: Exploring Ten Commonly Asked Questions about Implementing Pathways. Check it out at http://www.inquiry2improvement.com/publications-resources

BC Political Science at Rotary, Nov 19, 2015:

BC’s Political Science professor emeritus and Congressman Bill Thomas was scheduled to speak at downtown Rotary on November 19th on the Presidential election.  I invited 5 members of the Political Science faculty and students to be my guests–Steven Holmes, Faculty, Political Science and Academic Senate President; Charles Kim, Faculty, Political Science, Advisor for the Pre-Law Club, and Advisor for Phi Theta Kappa; Clayton Fowler, President of SGA; Robbie Burke, Political Science Student; Bailey Bryson, Pre-Law Student.  As it turned out Bill Thomas had to attend a funeral service and Cathy Abernathy, former Chief of Staff for Bill Thomas and current Chief of Staff for Shannon Grove, stepped up and did an amazing job filling in for Bill Thomas.

Enjoy these pictures of the event taken by Karen Goh, CEO of Garden Pathways, a great organization that helps our community by reintegrating disenfranchised individuals back into our community.  You should check out what they do.  Just incredible transformative work.  http://www.gardenpathways.org/


Renegade Athletics:

Our Renegade Student Athletes were so inspiring. Enjoy these pictures. Particularly Alberto Perez who gives a thumbs up to Athletic Director Sandi Taylor after doing his personal best by shaving 1:50 off his best time for the 4.1-mile race.  I bet Coach Pam Kelley was proud.

Paramedic Accreditation Visit:

As I was heading back from my trip to Washington DC I had the opportunity to call in and listen to the exit remarks from the accreditation team for BC’s Paramedic Program.  They could not say enough good things and what I loved the most was when they said that our faculty, staff and students are happy.

A quick shout out to Hall ambulance for all their support.  And talking about Hall ambulance, Mayor Harvey Hall is the best mayor ever!

Now let’s hear from Cindy Collier, Dean of CTE and Allied Health.  This is an email she sent to the department after the site visit.

I just want to take a few moments to recognize our outstanding Paramedic Program! The Program just finished their 5-year national accreditation site visit today with flying colors. The reviewers commented that the strength of the Program was the faculty/staff and their ability to engage the community partners, as well as their support for our Program.

The reviewers also went on to say that they believe this is one of the best Program’s they’ve ever seen and more importantly they also said that we had the best students that they had seen in the state.

So congratulations to our Paramedic Faculty – you guys just rock!!! I am so proud of you!!!!



I agree with Cindy.  Our faculty and staff simply rock!

At CCLC. Nov 19-21, 2015

The conference was very good.  Got some ideas on the College Promise discussion to shape the Renegade Promise work that the college is doing.  Great opening speaker Josh Tickell on Gen Y–the Millenials.  He described the boomers as conservative, Gen X as frustrated and Gen Y as entitled 🙂 Actually, he was very good.  I’m thinking we should try to bring him to BC.  Also connected with Thomas Bailey author of Redesigning America’s Community Colleges.  He promoted the Guided Pathways Summit on February 18, 2016 at Bakersfield College. Yes! Davis Jenkins, one of the three authors, is our keynote for the summit.
I presented at the conference on a panel related to the Common Assessment Initiative (CAI).  My remarks were  from the standpoint of being a member of the Common Assessment Initiative Steering Committee member as well as a pilot college for both the CAI as well as the Multiple Measures Project.



CCLC Came to Town

Teresa Tena

Teresa Tena is CCLC’s Vice President.

The Community College League of California came to Bakersfield College to hold a small meeting regarding how to properly work with elected officials and communicate the needs of community colleges.Thank you Michele Bresso for making this happen.

Invited were trustees, presidents/chancellors, and governmental relations staff. We were a small, but robust group in the Fireside Room at Bakersfield College as CCLC staffers and our very own Amber Chiang talked about the dos and don’ts of working with Sacramento.

This was an excellent opportunity to meet the people who advocate for community colleges in Sacramento on a daily basis, and to meet those doing the work from colleges across the Central Valley.

Scott Lay

Scott Lay is CCLC’s president.

A recent message to college presidents from the Community College League of California began with this statement, “Now more than ever, what happens in Sacramento affects you and your campus.” This was the tag-line to an invitation to invite Community College leadership to come to Bakersfield College for advocacy training. This training was designed to provide navigational tools through the legislative process and discuss ways community colleges can be more effective in interacting with legislators.

In my introductory remarks, I talked about the leadership of people in Bakersfield, over the last 100 years, who believed in education being the right for all Californians. In 1913, the vision of this small rural community was to create a path to the higher education offered at Berkeley. Decades later, it was a Bakersfield legislator, Dorothy Donahoe, who initiated the work on the California Master Plan.

It seems fitting that the CCLC is promoting the same vision of equity that was articulated right here in Bakersfield in 1913. Joining us from CCLC were staffers Ryan McElhenny, Lizette Navarette, and Teresa Tena.

Amber presented on the governmental relations side of working with elected officials from her role as the immediate past president of the Community College Public Relations Organization, which co-sponsored the regional events with the CCLC. Amber reminded us of some key tips when it comes to advocating for Bakersfield College’s needs in Sacramento, including keeping the CCLC informed as to our efforts and making sure everyone at Bakersfield College remembers it is their job to make sure the College is positively represented.

I was glad to see Scott Lay from the League here at Bakersfield College, and we welcomed the entire CCLC team to campus the day prior to meet in small groups with our faculty and staff, at both the Panorama and Delano campuses.  I blogged about a communication from Scott on August 28th.  You can find it at http://sonyachristianblog.com/2013/08/29/from-cclc-making-the-case-for-equity/.

From CCLC: Making the case for Equity

The Community College League of California (CCLC) is a nonprofit entity that represents the interest of all 72 community college districts in California.


Scott Lay, President, CCLC
Photo from the ACCCCA website



Scott Lay, the President of CCLC sends regular communications on behalf of the League.



Here is an excerpt from his August 28th communication on “equity” and the community college:


California’s community colleges are 46th in the nation in percentage of part-time students, with 69.4% of our students taking fewer than 12 units. And, only 8.4% of our students are taking 15 units–the number required to complete in two years.

It’s time for us to loudly declare that the system is rigged against community college students. And, in doing so, that promissory note is a broken promise, and students find themselves given a bad check by the state. Consider the following:

  • Community colleges, which enroll 2.3 million Californians, receive 28% less per student than K-12 schools, 57% less than the California State University, and 78% less than the University of California.
  • Cal Grants are rigged against community college students as well, providing only $1,473 per year, when students attending for-profit colleges for the same program can get up to $9,223.
  • Only 8% of the 290,000 students who apply and are eligible for a competitive Cal Grant actually are awarded one. Only 1 out of every 17 Cal Grant dollars goes to a California Community College student, even though 8 out of every 10 undergraduate students in public and private California higher education are enrolled in a community college.
  • There are more Latino students in California’s community colleges than total undergraduate students enrolled in all other public and private colleges and universities in the state.
  • The enrollment of African-American students in California’s community colleges nearly matches the undergraduate enrollment of the University of California.

It’s time for a frank talk about equity. Sure, the term is nothing new, and nobody is against equity. However, state funding and policy choices have too often created barriers to equity, and we must fight to remove them. It’s an uncomfortable issue, as it’s about race and socioeconomics. However, higher education equity is the key to California’s economic future, something that we all must be concerned about.