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It Was a Sterling Silver Day

Saturday, February 2nd, I went to my first Sterling Silver – the Bakersfield College Foundation’s preeminent fundraising event. The dinner, held in the BC Cafeteria, features five courses of delicately-prepared foods paired with wines. I was there with 135 of my closest (new!) friends.

But I wanted to tell you a little about what goes in to making this event possible. And…..Yes…we host a formal dinner event in our cafeteria.

If you haven’t been to Sterling Silver, you’re missing an amazing event. The cafeteria is transformed, thanks to the vision and work of Bakersfield College Foundation manager Hannah Egland and Kelly Chamberlain, wife of former Bakersfield College President Greg Chamberlain. They designed an amazing series of drapes which cover all the walls of the cafeteria from floor to ceiling. But these aren’t your grandma’s drapes. No…the drapes are made out of Cerex, a lightweight, gossamer fabric used in AIRPLANE CONSTRUCTION!

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes photos below!

Hanging the Cerex

Bakersfield College electrician Steve Shafer and former Bakersfield College president Greg Chamberlain hang lengths of Cerex.

Sonya and Sofia

Here I am, watching the transformation, with Bakersfield College Agriculture Leadership student Sofia.

Agriculture Leadership Students

Bakersfield College’s Agriculture Leadership students played a very important role in the decorating…as much needed worker bees!