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BC talks about our First Generation students

The Bakersfield College team at the First Generation movie showing in Delano!

The Bakersfield College team at the First Generation movie showing in Delano! Steve Watkin, Liz Peisner, Terri Goldstein, Janet Fulks

Last week, Bakersfield College held special showings of the movie “First Generation,” which highlights the plight of California’s first generation college-going students. Three showings at the Panorama Campus were filled, and a fourth at the Delano Campus was widely attended!

Exposure to this type of information and learning is essential as we work to understand our students, their backgrounds, and their goals. Despite our best efforts to provide the highest-quality learning experience possible, so many external factors impact the potential success of our students. By better understanding the plight of the first-generation student, Bakersfield College can adjust its service capabilities and educational plans, and better serve this special population’s needs.

Janet Fulks, biology faculty member made the movie a reality at Bakersfield College. She brought together a team from across campus to encourage current and future students and their families, and Bakersfield College staff, too!

After the Delano presentation of “First Generation,” Janet emailed me, and I wanted to share with you what she said.

I want to give a shout out to the incredible First Generation Team who’s names are listed below. We had about 200 people at the Delano movie showing last night thanks to the great work of Rich McCrow. Faculty at Delano were commenting that “I am that student in the film, but I finally made it through and am a faculty member now.” Students were commenting on specific steps they are going to take to complete college, see counselors, complete my education plan, look into financial aid etc.

We will have reached over 500 people with this film after the last showing today. Thanks to everyone for your great support!

First Generation Committee:Vickie Coffee, Terri Goldstein, Tina Tuttle, Janet Fulks, Kristin Rabe, Tarina Perry, Amber Chiang, Richard McCrow, Alice Desilagua (HS counselors), JoAnn Acosta, Primavera Arvizu, Kim Van Horne, Heidi Forsythe, John Gerhold, Steve Watkin, Janet Thomas, Liz Rozell, Mary Webb, Liz Peisner, Shannon Musser, Heidi Gilliard.

Pat Smith, who is a criminal justice instructor here at Bakersfield College, messaged Janet about the movie and how she related to the movie premise:

I am taking my class to today’s 1 pm showing…I hope we all fit.  I am looking forward to it because I am that student also and I am now faculty!  My parents were Spanish speaking and never went to college so they could not share with me what college would be like.  They knew to encourage me to go however and believed in education.  What got me through was my cousin…she  was a BC professor here and she helped me tremendously by telling me what college was like and what classes to take.  I am forever grateful that she encouraged me to pursue a college degree.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement. This is what Renegade pride is all about – understanding the challenges and meeting the needs of students!