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Filipino Community Gathers to Support Hurricane Victims. Nov 2013

Bakersfield College Team Donates to Filipino Hurricane Relief

Helen Calip, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Sonya Christian, Jay Tamsi, and Rich McCrow

In November, I headed to Delano, with Executive Vice President Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, with a check from the Bakersfield College Foundation to support the victims of Hurricane Yolanda.

The Delano Filipino community, under the leadership of Jay Tamsi, came together in a big way to organize support for the victims of the hurricane.

Rich McCrow, Director of the Delano campus presented the check from the BC Foundation to Jay Tamsi.  Helen Calip worked tirelessly in helping with this cause.

The day after the event, Helen took the time to email and update me on the success of the fundraiser.  Let’s hear from Helen:

Again, thank you all and to Bakersfield College for your presence and contribution yesterday. We are so thankful and proud of everyone who came out to help. It was a sight to behold yesterday as the Delano’s Filipino community came together in comradeship and support. We tabulated as of last night for just Sunday alone donations totaling $30,943.69. The amount from both Friday and Sunday totaled $171,943.69. Also, over 35 boxes filled with clothes, shoes, bedding, canned goods, water were packed ready to send by LBC (mail carrier who regularly ships to the Philippines) who will be shipping them free of charge. Our biggest thanks go to Jay Tamsi for making all the arrangements with the Red Cross and getting all the organizations together to make this effort happen. We all hope and pray that these funds go to buy all the necessary essentials so desperately needed in the stricken region. The Delano community will continue to do Typhoon Relief fundraisers in the months ahead, as I am sure the whole world will do the same. With gratitude in my heart and in solidarity and Renegade pride… Helen