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BC Child Development Center: We’re on a World Map!

Bakersfield College's Little Free Library

Bakersfield College’s retiring managers, Lenora Daniels, Gail Summerford, and Diane Sousa, with Gail’s father Harlie, who built the Little Free Library.

Bet you’d never think Bakersfield College would be on a world map, but thanks to the efforts of the staff at the Bakersfield College Child Development Center, we are! The Child Development Center has become a participant in the Little Free Library project, which places small libraries with free books in locations around the world. Parents can give a book or take a book – all to encourage a love and appreciation for reading among children.

The Little Free Library is located inside the Child Development Center playground in the perfect location for families to enjoy a book with their children.

This summer, three managers of the Child Development Center will be retiring, and taking with them more than 100 years of experience in early childhood education. To celebrate their retirement, Gail Summerford, Lenora Daniels, and Diane Sousa are heading on a cross-country road trip to visit Little Free Libraries around the country and donate books to each one!