Well…The First Week is Over!

The first week is over, Bakersfield College! How did it treat you? For me, it was a busy mish-mash of meetings, events, and time spent on campus meeting students.  To see the hustle and bustle of movement between classes, or the impromptu gatherings in the Free Speech Area and Cafeteria (it has been cold!!) really highlights the mission and vision of Bakersfield College.


Danitza Romo, our Student Government Association President, and her team opened the all-campus gathering on January 11, 2013


Sonya Christian at Opening Day Jan 11, 2013
With the intepreter, Kristen Rabe, and Amber Chiang in the background.


Sandra Serrano at Opening Day
With Kristen Rabe and Amber Chiang working the media and the back channel.

On the Friday before classes, Bakersfield College’s staff gathered for our traditional Opening Day. The title for my talk was Honoring our past while boldly creating our future.  We will be posting my presentation on the website at http://www.bakersfieldcollege.edu/president/communications/. Bakersfield College’s future is bright, and for the next 18 months, we will be focused on the work outlined in the Strategic Focus document developed by Jennifer Marden and Kate Pluta.  You can find the pdf on the same website. Here are some photos from opening day.  Enjoy! And thank you for filling Forum West!

Opening Day Gathering

Spring 2013 Opening Day at Bakersfield College
Faculty and staff filled the forums 2013-2014 document posted on the website above.

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