Levan Presentations Coming Soon

I am planning on attending the Levan Grants presentations.

Here is the email from Jack Hernandez.

This spring three faculty members who received 2012 Levan Summer Grants are giving presentations about their work.

Why Read, Why Teach The Other Wes Moore?

Thursday, February 28th, from noon to 1, English professor Wes Sims will discuss his view of The Other Wes Moore.  He will discuss the book in Light of the U.S. prison system, especially how it may hinder students from thinking critically about the place and purpose of U.S. prisons.

The Presentation Will Not Be Televised: Paulo Freire and Contemporary Educational Practices

Wednesday, March 13th, from 1 to 2, Philosophy professor Matthew Morgan will discuss the educational philosophy of Brazilian writer Paulo Freire and its relevance to teaching at Bakersfield College.  Freire is the author of many books, including Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

My Journey Through Deaf Education

Friday, April 5th , from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Math professor Tom Greenwood will discuss his research to make teaching math more effective for Deaf students, and share what he has learned from visiting several institutions of Deaf education that applies to all classrooms.

All of these presentations are in the Levan Center, and faculty, staff, and students are welcome.

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