Achieving the Dream

A large group of us from BC attended the ATD Dream 2013 Conference in Anaheim the week of Feb 4th – see:  We also were joined by folks from Porterville College, Cerro Coso College and the District Office.  See if you recognize the faces in the picture.

Dream 2013 in Anaheim. Feb 6, 2013.

Dream 2013 in Anaheim. Feb 6, 2013.

My biggest takeaway was the predictive analytics reporting work that has gained a greater level of maturity since last year.  Simply put, predictive analytics is the use of student data captured in systems that we use at our institutions (from Learning Management Systems like Moodle, to adaptive learning systems like Aleks) to improve placement strategies, adjust advising and instruction to better meet student needs, predict when interventions will be needed, and to do all of this work at scale.

I just realized that some of you may be wondering what the Dream conference is about.  The Achieving the Dream (ATD) program was started more than a decade ago with the premise of creating a culture of evidence to serve disadvantaged students, and to identify these students by disaggregating longitudinal cohort data.  The focus on “closing the achievement gap” through systematic use of cohort tracking data gained momentum and currently there are nearly 200 colleges who are part of the Achieving the Dream movement.

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