BC Team at Curriculum Institute – July 18, 2013

Staff at Curriculum Institute

Co-Chairs Billie Jo Rice and John Carpenter, Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Sharon Bush, who provides support for curriculum

You may have thought the world of curriculum stopped spinning in the summer but our BC Curriculum Team attended a three-day intense Curriculum Institute last week.

Sharon Bush, BC’s curriculum specialist, pointed out that, ‘The Curriculum Institute is a great forum to discuss hot topics that are at the forefront in the ever-changing world of curriculum. State resources include information about the Bakersfield College student success scorecard to the wage tracker, which shows a students salary before and after completing a program at Bakersfield College’.

The team attended workshops presented by members of the State Academic Senate Curriculum Committee, various college curriculum chairs and State Chancellor’s office staff. So what is “hot” in the world of curriculum? Repeatability and the new guidelines that came out just last week; prerequisites, monitoring for disproportionate impact; aligning state curriculum regulations about physical education courses with athletic conference rules (CCCAA); using data to make tough curriculum decisions; high school core curriculum and TMCs, AA-T and AS-T degrees are still on the radar.

From Billie Jo Rice:

“In brightest day, in blackest night,
No curriculum shall escape our sight,
Let those who suffer the curriculum plight,
Beware our power…the Curriculum Support Teams’ light!

In the immortal words of the Green Lantern, we as your Curriculum Support Team (Nan, John, Sharon, and I) spent three days learning from the best and gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to help move us forward as a college.”

We all look forward to sharing what we have learned throughout the upcoming year.

Here are some of the vast resources available on the State Academic State and State Chancellors’ website:

Academic Senate California Community College check out Institute Presentations (e-materials)


BC scorecards:



Wage tracker:


Chancellor’s Office Data Mart (a bunch of different data report links are here, including wage tracker):


Dept of Education, college affordability and transparency center:



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