Project Atlantis Opens International Doors for BC Students

ImageFor the past three years, Bakersfield College has been participating in “Project Atlantis,” an International Exchange Program for students in humanities careers. This year, Bakersfield College has three students from Spain and one student from Italy currently attending classes, and sent two of our students to Spain and one to Italy. All the students who have participated have been academically successful and have gained a new cultural understanding.
The International Exchange Program is a dynamic program enabling eight students to have an international experience. All students who participate in the exchange program receive the international exchange certificate. The exchange program is a one year commitment. One semester will be spent in either Italy or Spain taking a full load of classes at the University in the language of the country.
For students who remain here the entire year, they will take all the international exchange certificate courses, and be responsible to tutor and provide support to foreign exchange students the entire semester. This program is an exceptional opportunity and we hope all our child development, education, and liberal studies students will consider applying.
Thank you Bernadette Towns for your hard work on this project.

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