Students Love Our Faculty and Staff – 3rd Edition

I was chairing an accreditation visit last week and was gone from campus most of the time.  So coming back on friday and then spending the Super Pi day in my office and the baseball game just made me appreciate BC so much and the colleagues I work with who are so dedicated to students and the college.  But before I get to the story of my BC colleagues let me pause for a moment on Super Pi Day–March 14, 2015 or 3-14-15 which coincides with the first few digits of pi 3.1415. Pi is the symbol used in math to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter which is about 3.1415926….. check out  So in my household we paused for a moment yesterday at 9:26 a.m. to celebrate pi and again at 9:26 p.m. to celebrate 3-14-15@9:26.

Jeff Chudy watching a baseball game on March 14 2015

Head football coach Jeff Chudy out on Saturday afternoon to support baseball

ann tatum at B&N on March 15 2015

Prof. Ann Tatum at Barnes and Nobles on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. available to her students for weekend support














We won the baseball game against College of the Canyons (yeah!) and had both community folks and BC folks out there to support our students.  Francis Mayer was fabulous announcing the game and AD Sandi Taylor was there making sure that everything was done right.  Faculty from other disciplines came to support students, baseball players who are in their classes–Pam Boyles, Ann Tatum, Janet Tarjan, Jeff Chudy……. just to name a few.

Walking over to the baseball game on this glorious Saturday afternoon, I bumped into Janet Tarjan who was on campus for study sessions for students in her calculus and precalculus classes.  Later in the evening, I was at Barnes and Noble and ran into Ann Tatum available to work with her students. Again on a Saturday.  Just wonderful!

Matthew Garrett

Prof. Matthew Garrett

I do have the best job in the whole wide world–being president of an amazing organization because of the dedicated and passionate folks who work here.  I wanted to take a quick moment to share an email chock full of good things sent by Bakersfield College History professor Matthew Garrett (thank you matt!) to a few of his faculty colleagues. The email recounts a student discussion about class selection, and weighs in on the most important detail to students – what is the professor like. Here is Dr. Garrett’s email to Sung Soo Park, Robert Martinez, Kimberly Chin, and Michael McNellis.

Professors Park, Martinez, Chin, and McNellis,

As is common following the opening of next semester’s registration, students in one of my classes were discussing what courses to take next semester. To my surprise, instead of the typical complaints about who to avoid, half a dozen students stayed after class to boast about the teachers who most inspired them (and encourage others to take their classes). They said these teachers were so passionate and/or so insightful that it “blew my mind” and changed their lives; they went on and on with great detail about classroom management and course content and presentation, etc  I’ve heard individual compliments like these before, but the accolades continued to pour about about these few teachers and went on for some fifteen minutes  I thought you should know how positive an effect you have had on the lives of students here. Thanks for being you.


Who are these amazing professors? See below photos I could get from the web!

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