President’s Breakfast: Thank you to our high school colleagues.

Prez-Breakfast-05There’s nothing better than getting motivated students into BC and helping them prepare for graduation and life beyond.  But perhaps the only thing more critical than helping today’s Renegades fulfill their goals is making sure that collegiate success is even simpler and more rewarding for the Renegades of tomorrow.

That’s why coordination between BC and all the talented and dedicated high school administrators in our area is so vital.  Working hand in hand with high schools to get students thinking about and even receiving credit toward higher education months, even years before they move on is one of the greatest enticements we have to make sure that learning doesn’t end at high school graduation.

With that in mind, I was thrilled to join over 100 area educators from BC and our local high school partners in attending my 3rd annual President’s Breakfast earlier this month to talk about that very topic — seamlessly transitioning more high-school students to continuing their education at Bakersfield College.

And we’re a lot further along in that process than you might realize.

Prez-Breakfast-02Just a few short years ago, students would graduate high school, then arrive that fall at a campus like BC, where they would only then begin the process of becoming a full-fledged college student.

But now, thanks in large part to the ramped-up relationship between BC and local high schools, students interested in becoming a Renegade are handling tasks like orientation, assessment testing, counseling and registration in their very own high schools. Having all that paperwork and acclimation work done along with a handful of college credits under their belts from select approved high school courses, many students are starting their BC careers with a considerable leg-up on their freshman year.

While we’ve already made some tremendous strides, the most critical aspect of the President’s Breakfast is the opportunity for exchange between us and the high schools about what’s working well — and what could still use some more fine-tuning — to most benefit the students.

Prez-Breakfast-01This year, we heard from our high school partners about the need for more dual enrollment classes, particularly courses focused on student development, communication and government.  Some participants suggested that dual enrollment should provide 12 college units in high schools, while others target up to 20 units and still others would like to see up to 30 units available.


While we will look into all the possibilities raised at the breakfast, it’s encouraging to note that modifications and improvements suggested at last year’s breakfast have already come to fruition.  I was pleased to announce that spurred by requests made last year, BC will now be accepting AP math course credit when placing new students.

Our partners also called for more open math and English class sections, more summer sections as well as clearer pathways to priority registration to fulfill the growing need.

For pictures and other information check out the website at:

Overall, it was a stimulating, vibrant and valued exchange of ideas.  It really speaks to a new paradigm in the spirited collaboration happening with our high school partners.  And it certainly signals an even brighter day ahead for all of our Renegade students, both present and future.

I want to thank all of the folks who made this event happen.  In particular Steve Watkin and the outreach team.  Chris Glaser who took care of all the details.  THANK YOU!!

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