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Higher Ed in the spotlight in CA

Look who has come to visit. Bessie has arrived from the Marina and will be in Bakersfield for the next month.

Bessie relaxing poolside – one of her favorite spots.
Oct 9, 2021

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What an amazing week for Higher Education in California. On Wednesday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed college affordability and accessibility legislation while highlighting the historic $47.1 billion higher education package.

A few notable bills that he signed into law –

Assembly Bill 927 makes permanent and expands the pilot program that allowed 15 community colleges throughout the state to offer baccalaureate degrees. One of those initial colleges is Bakersfield College, which offers a Baccalaureate Degree in Industrial Automation. I’m excited that more of our state’s students will be able to experience the success BC’s Industrial Automation cohorts have enjoyed over the past several years.

Assembly Bill 928 helps to streamline the transfer process for our students. It requires the CSU and UC systems to consolidate their general education transfer pathways to a singular pathway, allowing students to save time and money while meeting admission requirements for both systems.

The Higher Education Package includes ongoing funding for the UC, CSU and California Community Colleges systems, as well as investments to make higher education more affordable for more students – including expanding the Cal Grant program to additional community college students.

I’m so grateful for the investment and support of higher education in our amazing state. When we work together and invest in our students, we are truly investing in all our futures.

I am sure you will enjoy this email from Cerro Coso Community College President Sean Hancock as much as I did.

On Monday, October 11th, Cerro Coso Community College joins communities throughout the nation in recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day, honoring the resilience, history, traditions, and cultures of Native American peoples.   This day serves to honor and celebrate the lives, traditions, and stories of Indigenous people.    

I encourage you to learn more about the history of our Native people in the United States. Often presented through the lens of colonizers, ignoring indigenous perspectives and experiences, everyone is encouraged to take the opportunity to learn about the lives of Native communities through their lens, and support our Native people telling their own stories.

By understanding who we are and how we came to be, we eliminate the false narratives or lack of knowledge that has devalued and harmed Native people. This re-education and filling in the blanks of history benefits everyone in our communities.  We’re seeing the manifestations of these developments in our social consciousness across our nation. In protests, rallies, and through advocacy, people are eager to bridge divides, acknowledge the past, and address areas of social inequalities such as those suffered by our Native Americans throughout our nation’s history.  These actions and recognitions will echo in time and pave a path forward that will influence future generations of citizens. 

My hope is that these acknowledgements further opportunities for engagement and serve as another step on our journey towards becoming an educated and inclusive society.  There is still a tremendous amount of work ahead as we continue our endeavors in cultivating meaningful relations with our Native communities. 

To our Native staff, students, and communities, we stand with you in honoring Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Dr. Sean Hancock

Good morning, friends…
It is October 9, 2021.
The sun shines bright over KCCD.

This week, the Pirates, the Coyotes, and the Renegades continue to 

PC Transfer Fair shares virtual space with gamers

COVID-19 has changed the game for just about everything. Like many large-scale crises, it has led to innovation by necessity in unexpected places.

A perfect example is the Transfer Fair at Porterville College (October 21 from 10 am to 2 pm). This event is now hosted in one of the most unexpected places: a video gaming chat platform called Discord.

You might be thinking, “Wait, did you just write ‘video gaming’ and ‘transfer fair’ in the same sentence?”

That’s right. No Zoom. No Teams Chat. No typical virtual conferencing. Porterville College has collided with the gaming community.

What exactly is Discord? As noted by Digital Trends, it’s essentially a chat application (similar to Slack) that was launched in 2015 to cater to gamers. The founders of the company, who were diehard gamers themselves, noted how the chat options in the gaming world were out of date. They wanted to build a modernized platform where gamers could more readily share media and chat in any format they wanted (i.e. typing, voice, or video) with ease and privacy. Things took an interesting turn for the company when non-gaming users began using Discord for other purposes such as community organizing or simply a place to be with friends and share memes.

Besides expanding beyond gaming, the company has created a slick chat platform that—wouldn’t you know it—lends itself well to the vendor-and-booths context of a college fair in which students must virtually stop by multiple stations to chat with different schools. In fact, Porterville College may be one of the first (if not the first) community college in California to use Discord for this purpose.

Porterville College’s Discord Server

When Stephanie Olmedo explored the Discord option for the event, she realized she needed to give students something different than the typical Zoom set-up: “Zoom just felt disorganized, and I didn’t want to lose students between visits to reps presentations or give them Zoom fatigue.”

Stephanie Olmedo

Olmedo is a long time gamer and Discord is a venue that is often used by gamers who play MMORPGs to organize game events such as raids and instances. She uses Discord as an option for students to use for counseling meetings or just to message her.

Students use one link to go to PC’s server, and then they have access to all the college booths live. If they have any questions or tech issues, staff members are there in the Discord server with them so they can assist them immediately.

Discord CEO Jason Citron summarized the original vision of the platform this way: “Video games are about people. They have the power to bring together people, from different walks of life, from different parts of the world, united by something they love. They help create memories filled with laughter, nostalgia, frustration, achievement, and togetherness. This is why we originally created Discord: we wanted a simple and easy way to capture and enable these feelings we experienced growing up playing games with friends.”

Transfer Fairs are about people too, and this is why PC is using Discord: the college wants a simple and easy way to capture the real-world Transfer Fair experience for their students in a way that will be memorable and helpful.

You can visit PCs Discord server at https://discord.com/invite/EVrPYv7
The PC Transfer Fair will be held virtually on Thursday, October 21st from 10 am to 2 pm.

PC partnership with JC Penny helps to “Suit-Up” students

Students often find themselves needing new outfits for showing up and looking their best during their time in school. It is vitally important that students have the proper attire for socials and award ceremonies, and of course, job interviews. Unfortunately, business suits and dresses can be expensive and hard for students to afford.

Because of this, the Porterville College Job Entrepreneur and Career Center (JEC), in collaboration with JCPenney, hosted a virtual version of Suit-Up, an exclusive shopping event for PC students this week from October 4-8.

“First impressions in job interviews and internships are important,” said Ashley Land, JEC Coordinator and Organizer of the virtual event.

Ashley Land

The Virtual event allowed PC students the chance to purchase professional attire at up to 60 percent off ticketed prices. Students were able to shop from a wide variety of men’s and women’s business clothing at JC Penny online. They were also able to save on items like jewelry, shoes, handbags, professional headshots and salon appointments.  

According to the JC Penny corporate website, “JC Penney is committed to helping students look and feel their best as they embark on their career journeys. We know it can be difficult to find appropriate and affordable career clothing that is also stylish, so we are delighted to assist these students with our virtual Suit-Up events.”

For more information about the event or future “Suit-Up” events, contact Ashley Land at ashley.land@portervillecollege.edu.

Rotaract Club Comes to PC

With in-person learning in full swing and the return of students to campus, many student clubs have been able to grow and expand this Fall semester.  Not only have many of our long-standing clubs made their return, but many new clubs have been added to student life roster as well, like the recently created PC Rotaract Club – the first of its kind in the Porterville area.

Rotaract is a service club for students who attend Porterville College. The members are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges while developing leadership skills and making friends from around the world.

Rotaract club members are also members of Rotary International. Students in the PC club will work with the local community and local Rotarians to complete a community project.  They will also partner with an international Rotary club and help develop an international project, all the while networking with local business owners and community leaders to develop new skills.

Stephanie Cortez

According to PC Rotaract’s faculty advisor, Stephanie Cortez, “Rotaract Club offers a professional meeting set with by-laws, agendas, and minutes. There is a Board of officers, and a committee. There is a Rotaract outstanding project award that can be nominated by the Rotary group and if chosen, the Rotaract club is invited to present their project at the annual Rotaract Preconvention. Rotaract members may also earn scholarships from participating in the club. Ultimately, this will develop new leaders for our community.”

Cerro Coso Community College

Cerro Coso to Hold COVID-19 Information Session for Faculty

Cerro Coso has about 50 instructors who are teaching in-person classes this term across all sites, 26 of whom are full-time. To support those faculty who have been physically working directly with students, the Instruction Office is hosting a virtual COVID-19 information session during college hour on Tuesday, October 12 from 12:30-1:30 p.m., and another session will be held on Friday, October 15th from 10:30-11:30 a.m. 

Dr. Chad Houck, Dean of Instruction; Nicole Griffin, Dean of Career Technical Education; and Kevin King, Program Manager for Safety and Security will host the dialogue/working session with instructors via Zoom. 

Instructors are encouraged to submit questions to be addressed in advance and to come prepared to share their unique experiences so far. The session will cover the importance of the KCCD App in our COVID efforts and the way in which to respond to a “red pass” from the app. They will answer questions submitted prior to the event, and host a Q & A in response to what was shared, and talk about their experiences.  Members of the COVID-19 Response Team will also be in attendance. 

The event will be followed up with an email that documents the important points of the session and a Zoom link to the sessions for other faculty to watch. While progress has been made since the beginning of the pandemic, concerns for health and safety still significantly impact the way we work. 

As faculty on campus continue to adapt to evolving circumstances in their work environment, the college wants to reach out and offer support and address their individual questions. 

Coyote Safe. Coyote Strong.   

Coyote Athletes Give Back to the Community

Many young students dream of one day playing sports professionally and grow up regarding star athletes as their heroes. 

Though very few students go pro, many continue to value athletics for a lifetime. This is often because playing a sport provides opportunities that nothing else can, even opportunities outside of athletics.  School pride creates a more positive environment, and athletics is often a building block for promoting this pride. 

Cerro Coso could not be more proud of its Coyote baseball team. Every year the IWV Youth Baseball League runs a fall instructional clinic to help their players learn and build on their skills for the upcoming season. The Coso baseball team volunteers players each day to support and provide instruction to the community youth. 

Creating an important connection between the league and Cerro Coso’s program. These Coyotes not only helped these youth improve their skills for the upcoming season, they demonstrated their values of integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, and servant leadership in the form of community service making them the real star athletes.

Go Coyotes!

Transfer Awareness Week at CC

Transfer is a central mission of Cerro Coso Community College and we honor that mission by providing a week of transfer-related services that educate our students about the transfer process and encourage them to consider all of their transfer options.  

This year’s activities kicked off on Monday with a presentation on preparing to transfer, the transfer process, Cerro Coso programs, and timelines. In the spirit of Transfer Week, staff were encouraged to represent their alma mater by wearing their college gear as an opportunity to celebrate and build excitement around the college transfer process. 

Tuesday featured a CSU Application Workshop to go over the application and provide assistance with completion. 

Wednesday was a workshop to help students get a jump-start on the UC Application. The workshop helped student with getting started and what to expect when filling out the UC application. 

Thursday a workshop was held to provide students guidance on how to answer “Personal Insight Questions” and demonstrated what UC’s are looking for and what to consider while answering the questions. 

The week’s activities culminated on Friday with a workshop explaining what a transferable GPA is and taught students how to calculate their own GPA. It also went over the California Virtual Campus website.  All of these transfer activities were presented by Counseling staff, and held via Zoom for all campuses to attend. Transferring to a four-year college or university can be easy with the expert help of Cerro Coso’s counselors and transfer staff.  

Contact the college Transfer Center for more information.  Explore. Inspire. Go.

Bakersfield College

Grand Opening of BC’s First Outdoor Learning Area: The Peace Garden

On Monday, Bakersfield College hosted the grand opening of the first Peace Garden on the BC campus and announced the second garden, to be located outside the Humanities building on the Panorama campus.

The Peace Garden Project, which was funded by a generous donation by the Ravi and Naina Patel Foundation, is designed to create intentional spaces for wellness and personal development throughout our campus. The first Peace Garden, known as the Learning Garden, is located in front of the Panorama Campus library.

Trustee Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Senator Shannon Groves rep Christopher Quinones

Several members of our local Rotary International chapters funded the development of the peace pole inside the Learning Garden, which has the phrase “may peace prevail on Earth” inscribed in English, Spanish, Hindi, and Tagalog.

Look at the amazing craftsmanship on the first Peace Pole to grace the Bakersfield College campus – many thanks to Klint Rigby, chair of the Industrial Technology department.

And enjoyed this article by Sam Morgen for the Bakersfield Californian highlighting the garden featured #FrontPageAbovetheFold

The Scoop on Renegade Athletics

Women’s volleyball team huddles on the court

Last week, Women’s Volleyball hosted their first western conference game against College of the Canyons, making a sweep for their 34th straight home win and their 26th conference win. I’m told the team hasn’t lost a home game since 2017, which is incredible. The women will be back at home on Friday, October 8th to take on Antelope Valley at 6:00PM. 

BC’s Men’s Cross Country team finished 3rd out of 14 teams. The team was led by Mario Gutierrez, a Freshman, who won the race with a time of 21:03 at the WSC preview. Coach Pam Kelley says we have not had a first place winner in over 25 years. 

On Saturday, Football won big at Memorial Stadium! The Renegades defeated the visiting team from San Bernardino Valley College, 52-8. The Gades have now won 4 out of 5 games this season and will return home for the Homecoming game on October 16th.

Renegade Spotlight on Jana Richardson

Jana Richardson came to BC in the fall of 2017 from Kern County Public Health, EMS division. Not only is this her first tenured semester, but she has recently taken on the role of Paramedic Training Coordinator and will be leading us through the accreditation process. Jana has served on the Assessment Committee since starting at BC and is responsible for developing the paramedic program as a hybrid program. This was an essential development that filled a training need for our local fire departments. Her forward thinking led to the awarding of a grant from the Renegade Innovation Fund that will be used to create more real-world scenarios for students in developing their EMT and Paramedic skills.

Renegade Spotlight on Officer Francisco Salazar

While serving at BC as a Campus Safety Officer, Francisco Salazar has also continued to serve our country as a Specialist in the US Army. On August 15th, Officer Salazar was presented with the 729th Transportation Company Detachment’s first unit coin for his outstanding professionalism, commitment, leadership, positive attitude and dedication to 729th Detachment. Salazar also recently passed the Non-Commissioned Officer board exam for an upcoming promotion to Sergeant. His performance as a US Army Specialist mirrors the same high level of dedication and professionalism that he displays daily as a BC College Safety Officer. 

BC Alumni Association Board of Directors elects new members

A warm welcome to the Bakersfield College Alumni Association Board of Directors’ newest board members – Mia Cifuentes and Rick Anthony.

And stay tuned – the board is planning a unique event for BC alums and the entire community for the spring!

Poetry Corner

Please enjoy this poem from Jack Hernandez:


I have lived
in many places,
tree shaded streets
during summers
when I wheeled
my bike,
baseball mitt swinging
from its handlebars,
the corner coffee house
where words come
from caffeine and memories
of the ocean’s infinity,
the snow purifying
a nearby mountain,
places where I have walked
stood and waited,
places that made me
sass and sigh,
laugh and long
for love’s touch,
places of my life
now pictures
on the walls
of my mind.

In the News

Bakersfield College in Valley Ag Voice

Check out this article in the Valley Ag Voice spotlighting BC’s new Professor of Animal Science, Julie Beechinor.

“Being a teacher has been the most humbling experience of my entire life. My students are ‘my kids.’ They are my life. Each night as I leave school and lock the door to my room I always turn back and look one last time before I close the door. As I quickly capture the image of this empty room and the stillness of life that was present earlier that day, I always say thank you for being allowed to do the one thing that brings me such great joy.” – Julie Beechinor

PC Nursing Student earns Sierra View scholarship

Cassandra Sandoval, who has been accepted into the PC Registered Nursing Program with plans to graduate in Spring 2023, received one of four scholarships from the Sierra View District Hospital Volunteer League last week.

According to the article in The Porterville Recorder, Sandoval has been with Sierra View for four years and is currently an endoscopy technician.

The Sierra View District Hospital Volunteer League awarded a combined $8,000 in scholarships to four employees of Sierra View Medical Center.

Fun Photos/Spotted on Social Media

Ariel Dyer rides her bike to work

Jessie Ryan, Executive Vice President for the Campaign for College Opportunity, shared this photo of a few of us at CSU Northridge for Governor Newsom’s historic bill signings on Wednesday:

Sonya Christian, Marc Berman, Michele Siqueros

BC Outreach and Early College show new advisors around campus and check out the beautiful new Peace Garden on Monday:

Porterville College President Claudia Habib shared this post from the CenCal WESTP Seminar this week:

And here’s Bakersfield College’s Tarina Perry keeping her positive attitude:



That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor


This is our community. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on.

October 2, 1967, 54 years ago, Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first Black Justice on the US Supreme Court.

He had been nominated four months prior by President Lyndon B. Johnson. He had been at the forefront of legal battles for Civil Rights and the destruction of Jim Crow segregation. From 1938 to 1961, he served as the NAACP’s chief counsel, arguing more than a dozen cases before the U.S. Supreme Court – including a victory in 1954’s groundbreaking Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka case.

Marshall’s placement on the highest court in the land was as an important milestone in the still-continuing march for racial equality and peace in this country.

Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, because this is your country.
This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on.
Thurgood Marshall

Good morning, friends…
It is October 2, 2021.
The sun shines bright over KCCD.

This week, the Pirates, the Coyotes, and the Renegades continue to 

Porterville College

PC Receives $1.7 million grant to help prepare local students for college

Porterville College has been awarded a $1.7 million grant from the US department of Education as part of the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, or GEAR UP, partnership program.

GEAR UP provides six-year and seven-year grants to develop partnerships that provide services at high-poverty middle and high schools. GEAR UP partners, such as Porterville College, serve an entire cohort of students beginning no later than the seventh grade and follow the cohort through high school.

This award will fund a seven-year project at PC to increase the number of low-income students within our service area who obtain a High School diploma and are then prepared to succeed in college.  The program will achieve this goal by meeting the following objectives for 400 students per year for the duration of the project:

  • Increase the academic performance and preparation for post-secondary education for GEAR UP students.
  • Increase the rate of high school graduation for GEAR UP students.
  • Increase the number and percentage of students and parents demonstrating knowledge of post-secondary education options, financial aid options, cost of college attendance, and how to acquire financial aid.
  • Increase the number and percentage of GEAR UP students entering college after high school.
  • Increase the number and percentage of GEAR UP students persisting to the second year of college.

Matthew S. Hopson-Walker Brings “A Tower of Ashes Built” to PC Art Gallery

The public is invited to an exhibition, of the work of Matthew S. Hopson-Walker starting Monday, October 4.  His exhibition, entitled “A Tower of Ashes Built”, will show at the Porterville College Art Gallery from October 4th to the 28th.  Gallery Hours are Monday – Thursday from 12 – 2 pm and 4 – 6 pm. 

Matthew S. Hopson-Walker’s work is based on self-investigation within the context of American popular culture. As Hopson-Walker says, “The difference between the drawn mark and the appropriated image is a metaphor for the conflict between reality and ideology that many of us experience. I try to create a sense of uncomfortable visual tension by blending thoughts and images that do not fit together. I am influenced by narratives and characters found in contemporary entertainment, which often centers on themes of dystopia and unresolved conflict. I want my work to record and document specific times and places, suggest the selfish motives that lurk beneath socially acceptable behavior, and reference the surface qualities and rich graphic aesthetic in the history of printmaking.”

Born and raised in Fresno California, Matthew Hopson-Walker grew up reading comic books and dystopian science fiction novels. During a formative age he was exposed to movies such as Mad Max, Total Recall, Escape From New York, Blade Runner, and The Omega Man, and many themes from these movies show up in his work.

After working as a janitor for several years, Hopson-Walker matriculated to the Kansas City Art Institute and received his BFA in Printmaking in 1998. After graduating he and a friend opened their own gallery and screen-printing business. To support himself and his heavy metal bass playing “career” he worked as a print technician at his alma mater, did construction, bounced and bussed at various bars, delivered mail and cashiered at liquor stores. These jobs influenced his generally misanthropic outlook on humanity and the images he made as an artist. In 2002 he completed his MA followed by his MFA in 2003 from the University of Iowa. In 2006 he was recipient of the prestigious James D. Phelan Award in Printmaking given by the San Francisco Foundation and administered by the KALA Institute. He has been included in 222 juried or group exhibitions and 14 solo shows since 2006. Matthew Hopson-Walker is now Assistant Professor in Printmaking at Fresno State University.

PC Welcomes a new Enrollment Services director to the Pirate Team

Jonathan Miranda has been named the new Interim Director of Enrollment Services at Porterville College. His bachelor’s degree is in Philosophy from UCLA, and he is currently finishing his master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership from Sacramento State University.

Jonathan has worked in higher education for 10 plus years in the Los Rios and State Center community college districts.

He is a first-generation college student who began his journey as a Federal Work Study student and worked his way up to Financial Aid/A&R Manager. 

Jonathan has dedicated his work to creating programs that grant equitable access to all student populations. His efforts have helped many students achieve academic success and excellence. To this end, he is excited to begin serving the students and community of Porterville College.

In his free time, he enjoys playing music on his saxophone, which he has been playing for over 25 years, and playing frisbee with his two Australian Shepard furballs, Merlin and Casper. 

Cerro Coso Community College

Dave’s Scholars Brunch

The Mammoth Lakes Foundation held their Dave’s Scholar brunch outside on September 17th. After a year of connecting virtually it was a beautiful morning to connect in-person with returning and new scholars. One of the goals at the MML Foundation is to help Cerro Coso students plan their next steps after community college.

Deanna Campbell, Director of the Cerro Coso Community College Eastern Sierra College Center, shared information on the UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program. 

The Mammoth Lakes Foundation Scholarship program was launched in 2003 to encourage Mono County residents and high school graduates to take advantage of local education opportunities through Cerro Coso Community College’s Mammoth Campus and has since awarded more than 750 scholarships.  Support for an individual scholarship ranges from $800 to $1,000 each semester and covers tuition and books.  

The Dave’s Scholar Transfer Scholarship represents a significant undertaking and financial investment by the MML Foundation to further their mission of supporting higher education and cultural enrichment.  Recipients must demonstrate a capacity to excel in their continued studies and understand that they represent the MML Foundation locally and in the wider world. 

Each Dave’s Scholar has a unique story to share as they pursue their dreams at CCCC. Some are the first to attend college in their families; some are returning to college after a hiatus; and others are seeking a certificate or degree to help them with their business.  Every donation made to the program changes lives. 

Meet Our CCCC Ambassadors

Meet the Cerro Coso 2021-2020 Student Ambassadors: (l to r) Geraldine Valdez, Aden Ostash, Nicole Harper, Taylir DeStefano, Sara Orlando, Abigail Wright, and John McHenry.  All of these students attend full-time and are Cerro Coso Promise students, three are moms, and three are Coyote athletes, and all have committed to serving as emissaries for the college. 

Student Ambassadors demonstrate their wiliness to share Cerro Coso’s goals and vision with college visitors, new students, and the community.  Participation in the program is an opportunity for current students to show pride in their school while making an impact on the lives of individuals who are planning for a college education. 

Being a Student Ambassador is a challenging and rewarding educational opportunity with a truly positive and memorable experience. These are the faces of Cerro Coso that set an example for other students and incoming freshmen. They have a passion for the college and represent Cerro Coso at community and on-campus events, accompany recruitment personnel on high school visits, lead campus tours, assist with new student orientation, participate in focus groups and student discussion panels, speak to groups regarding special interests at the college, and participate in mass media projects.  

In return these students develop leadership skills, participate in extracurricular activities to add to college and scholarship applications, develop skills that will transfer to other employment opportunities, and interact with students and faculty in weekly meetings. CC Ambassadors are here to help!

What’s On Our Walls

Painting barren hallways can dramatically change a campus’ atmosphere. In November of 2018 College Council developed a task force to discuss what should be displayed throughout the main building at the Ridgecrest campus and in what manner the information should be exhibited.

The task force was not identifying specific locations for displaying things or identifying specific products for those displays. Membership on the task force included representatives from Student Government, classified staff, faculty, and administration. The task force met throughout the spring of 2019 and in the spring of 2020 some “conceptual” images were developed and shared with stakeholders based on the recommendations of the task force.

They were not intended to be accurate or definitive, merely a way of investigating and communicating design principles and aesthetic concepts. Staff, faculty, and students were given the entire semester to provide feedback.  The goal of the task force was to employ strategic uses of color for wayfinding and delineating spaces in a way that warmed up the sterile long hallways and created a sense of belonging and pride in the institution utilizing school logos, colors, and motivational words. In 2021 Cerro Coso began the first phase of implementation. 

It is exciting to see the hard work of the task force being executed creating an environment that communicates the college’s core values and improves the college experience. 

Bakersfield College

BC to Receive $14 Million in State Funding for New Delano Campus Building

Bakersfield College and Assemblymember Rudy Salas announced the construction of a new two-story building for the BC Delano Campus, thanks to $14 million in state funding advocated for by Salas in the most recent budget cycle.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, during a press conference at the BC Delano Campus in an outdoor area near the vacant land where the structure will be built. The new 40,000-square-foot Learning Resource Center will include classrooms, office space, a library and designated spaces for student services to help accommodate and support a growing population of students throughout Delano and North Kern. Construction is expected to begin in January and will take about 22 months to complete. The funding for this project also includes funding from Measure J. Thank you Assemblymember Salas, and to Kern County residents for voting yes on Measure J. Read the entire press release.

Emma Gallegos, Sonya Christian

And I loved Emma Gallegos‘s front page story in the Bakersfield Californian about the announcement. #FrontPageAbovetheFold

Rudy Salas and Sonya Christian

Webinar on Future Impacts of Technology and Water Resources on Farming

Join Bakersfield College’s Energy Technology Transfer and Workforce Development initiative on Tuesday, October 5th, at 3 p.m., for its second webinar in the Agriculture/Water/Energy (AWE) Education Series, featuring a panel of local stakeholders and national researchers sharing their perspectives on the impacts of technology and water resources on farming.

Panelists will include: John Moore III, Former President of the Kern County Farm Bureau, Owner of Moore Farms and White Wolf Potato Co.; Dr. Joshua Viers, Professor, Water Resources Management, UC Merced School of Engineering; and Dr. Helen E Dahlke, Associate Professor, Integrated Hydrologic Sciences, University of California, Davis. RSVP for the Webinar

BC to Host Livestream of the Unveiling and Opening of First BC Peace Garden

The Bakersfield College Peace Initiative will host the grand opening of the first peace garden on the BC campus at 10 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 4.

The event will feature short speeches by local peacemakers and partners, and will be the first garden in a series of gardens on BC campuses. Additionally, the garden will feature “Peace Poles,” provided and paid for by local Bakersfield Rotary Clubs. Speakers will include: myself, Krista Moreland, Professor of Anthropology, Naina Patel, The Ravi and Naina Patel Foundation, and Edith Mata, BC Student Government Association President.

I invite you to watch this livestream event this Monday Oct 4 at 10:00 on the BC YouTube Channel. Complete information is in this press release.

Check out this video about the Peace Garden, with footage from BC’s Opening Day 2020 and the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Peace Garden:

Thank You Cindy Collier!

On Monday, Bakersfield College recognized Cindy Collier for her 28 years of dedicated service to the college and the Kern Community College District. Cindy retired this summer. Her illustrious career at Bakersfield College began when she became a nursing faculty member in 1993. She became director of the nursing program in 2001. She also held a number of administrative roles – Executive Director of Student Health, Dean of Instruction, Associate Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce Development for KCCD, faculty director of the Inmate Scholars Program, and Director of the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Here are my closing remarks from the event:

You can see the whole recording on Bakersfield College’s YouTube channel.

Poetry Corner

Please enjoy this poem from Jack Hernandez:

The Desert        

The moon rise
over the desert
is no longer surprising,
he had not foreseen
living in its barren canvas
painted in his later years.

Until this time his life
scurried like an ant
seeking    always seeking,
now he sits grasping
for nothing more
than silent truth
in silver light.

UN International Day of Peace

Last week, I shared a few videos from Bakersfield College’s celebration to honor the UN International Day of Peace on September 21st. 

Today, I am sharing two more videos from that production.

Bakersfield Mayor Karen Goh’s remarks:

The Bakersfield College Chamber Choir’s performance of “Light of a Clear Blue Morning”:

Quick Tips for Teaching Success

This week, Porterville College continued its Quick Tips for Teaching Success series. The live presentations are open only to Porterville College faculty and run on Wednesdays at 12 pm. However, the recorded presentations are available to anyone and are a fantastic resource for all our educators.

Check it out at QUICK TIPS FOR TEACHING SUCCESS – Resources (weebly.com).

Wednesday’s session was called “A Deep Dive Into Teaching Controversial Issues.

“Do you teach a course with subject matter some consider controversial? Do you wonder how to best ensure students learn about sensitive topics without getting lost in heated emotions or a refusal consider other views with an open mind? Have you ever found a class got off track when something controversial inadvertently entered the conversation? The ‘Quick Tips’ team has, and we’ll share our stories, experiences, and techniques for managing these delicate situations while ensuring students learn new ideas and perspectives and remain respectful to others in the classroom – and the world around them.”

Check out the recording online

Thank you to presenters Dustin Acres, Rebecca Baird, Joy Lawrence, Melissa Long, Ian Onizuka, Elisa Queenan, and Robert Simpkins.

In the News

Hogan, longtime Folkloric dance instructor, to be honored

I saw in The Porterville Recorder this story about longtime Folkloric dance instructor Maria Antonietta Hogan Abrego (Mrs. Hogan). She taught at schools throughout Porterville, including night classes at Porterville College. She will be moving to Idaho and her family held a Bon Voyage party for her this week, allowing the countless students whose lives she touched a chance to wish her well.

“She molded us in such a way to be citizens of the world. We were just all good kids,” Elva Beltran said. “We will always be grateful for that. This is our chance to come and hug her and send her off with love.”

Community Voices: The Veil of Ignorance

Jack Hernandez penned this piece for the Bakersfield Californian that looks at philosopher John Rawls’ idea of the veil of ignorance, and how we must use that veil to better show compassion and empathy for one another.

“Thus, he asks us to do what is difficult for all of us: to put on the veil of ignorance and imagine ourselves in the shoes, in the lives, of others, especially those who suffer. We live in a society that tends to ignore the role fortune, luck, plays in our lives. The myth of success is that all that happens is because of our effort, and if we are not successful we have simply not worked hard enough.”

Fun Photos and Spotted on Social Media

Here’s the KCCD Team at the Hearts of Hope event to benefit Casa Esperanza:

Cerro Coso Military And Veterans Services invited all military and veteran students, alumni, staff, faculty, spouses, dependents, and community members to submit a photo for the Wall of Courage 2021. Submissions begin Monday. The Wall of Courage will be displayed in person on the Ridgecrest campus throughout the month of November. it will also be featured on the Cerro Coso website.

The submission link will be sent out via student emails, social media, and the Cerro Coso website beginning Monday, 10/04/2021.

At BC, Student Life Program Director Nicole Alvarez spent the morning with the L.U.P.E club recruiting new members:

Porterville College professors Jonathan Hernandez and Jeff Jacobs shared these photos of Administration of Justice Professor Jacobs joining Professor Hernandez’s Intercultural Communications class to discuss issues on social justice, equity, and empathy.

And check out Porterville College in coaching sessions with Dr. Al:



That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor


Join us in imagining and making it so

This past Tuesday was the International Day of Peace – designated by the United Nations as a day of international peace, calling for global ceasefire and nonviolence. It provides one day for everyone around the world to come together in community and commitment to peace above all differences, contributing to a worldwide culture of peace.

In 1981, the UN set aside the first day of their general assembly – the third Tuesday in September – as International Day of Peace. After the 9/11 attacks in 2001, the date was officially moved to always take place on September 21.

In honor of this year’s International Day of Peace – as well as the 50th anniversary of the recording of the song “Imagine” – the UN Postal Administration released a series of stamps featuring music legend and peace advocate John Lennon. So many have followed in his footsteps in an effort to help the world “live as one,” as his iconic song says.

The Bakersfield College Peace Initiative hosted a virtual gathering on Tuesday as part of the International Day of Peace. The event featured short speeches of local peacemakers, musical performances, and is the first in a series of activities in the coming months. I will be sharing segments from the program, or you can watch the full presentation on YouTube.

Here are my remarks from the event:

“UN Peace Day provides one day for everyone around the world to come together in community and commitment to peace, above all differences, contributing to a worldwide culture of peace. Each year it provides the opportunity to reflect on both the lack of peace and more importantly, the hope for peace. And a reminder that peace is within reach when we unite in support and solidarity, it helps us remember that we are the ones who keep hope alive for a world filled with peace.”

I also wanted to share Dr. Portia Choi’s remarks as she introduced our program and shared her poem:

“With each breath, I am committed to my peace. With each breath I am committed to peace for you. You and I, we can be a community for peace.”

What a beautiful thought – committing to our own peace and committing to each other’s peace. Community and unity and unending compassion.

Hearing those words reminded me again of this poem by my dear friend and colleague Jack Hernandez :

There is a garden
where we might gather
to walk and talk as one
to find the innocence
of peace with ourselves
and others in love’s
tranquility and forgiveness,
a garden where
all voices are heard
all lives are embraced
in joyful grace.

Good morning, friends…
It is September 25, 2021.
The sun shines bright over KCCD.

This week, the Pirates, the Coyotes, and the Renegades continue to 

Porterville College

Wildfires force closures, send evacuees to PC

According to press releases from Tulare County, an evacuation order has been issued for the communities of Ponderosa, Quaking Aspen, Camp Nelson, Pierpoint, Coy Flat, Mountain Aire, Cedar Slope, Alpine Village, Rogers Camp, Sequoia Crest, Johnsondale, Camp Whitsett, California Hot Springs, Pine Flat, McNallys, Sugar Loaf, Sugarloaf Mountain Park, Sugarloaf Saw Mill, White River, Idlewild, Posey, Panorama Heights, Poso, Balance Rock, and Spear Creek due to the Windy Fire centered in the Sequoia National Forest east of Porterville. As of Friday, the fire sat at 49,053 acres in size and was 6% contained.

Since many of these communities are so close to our campus, Porterville College is currently being used as a Temporary Evacuation Point for individuals displaced by these fires. 

Red Cross officials are stationed in the campus parking lot to provide information to evacuees.  Space in our parking lots has been made available for campers and RVs from the evacuation zones and the PC Gym is being used as an overnight shelter for those displaced by the fire. Pets are being housed in the gym’s locker rooms so they can be close to their owners. The Treasure Café is providing food service for the evacuees at the Gym.

My sincere thanks to the Porterville College Maintenance and Operations Staff, led by director John Word, for their tireless work in making sure that those evacuated have the facilities needed to maintain some semblance of normalcy during this very difficult time in their lives. Many of Porterville College’s staff stayed on campus through the night after working a full shift to ensure our everything was ready for any evacuees that would arrive. I would also like to thank Bakersfield College for providing additional security officer support.

SWAP Meet returns to PC

PC Foundation Staffer Maribel Hernandez (left) and Director Ramona Chiapa (right) visit with Dr. Claudia Habib at the PC SWAP meet at the Fairgrounds.

After over a YEAR of being away, the PC SWAP meet returns to the Porterville College campus today, from 8 am to 2 pm.  The swap meet has been a Porterville weekend tradition for over 30 years with thousands in attendance each week.  Proceeds from the Swap Meet support Porterville College Foundation student scholarships, facilities, programs, and activities for the benefit of the college and its students.

The SWAP Meet was closed on campus due to the COVID-19 Shutdown of 2020. In April of 2021, after a one-year closure, the PC Foundation re-opened at the Porterville Fairgrounds — a place with ample space to meet state COVID-19 guidelines for vendors and social distancing for customers.

For some, the new location didn’t have the same appeal that campus had for all those years.  For many of the people who have attended the swap meet since childhood, the return to campus is a welcome one.

The swap meet offers everything from bedding and clothing to cowboy boots and hats, belts, sunglasses, and shoes. There are vendors who sell household tools, electronics, plants, medicines, candles, candy, toys, and cooking equipment of all sizes. In addition, food items and drinks are always available for purchase.

For more information on the PC SWAP Meet, visit www.portervillecollegefoundation.org or call 559-920-2001.

Porterville Volleyball rallies to defeat West Hills Lemoore 3-1

The PC Volleyball Team visits with PC President Claudia Habib before hitting the road for a game.

Freshman Victoria Dabney totaled a match-high 14 kills to lead the Porterville College women’s volleyball team to a 3-1 Central Valley Conference win at West Hills College Lemoore on Friday.

West Hills took the opening set but the Pirates rallied to win the next three and take the match. With the victory, Porterville improved to 4-5 overall and 2-0 in conference play. After getting off to an 0-5 start, PC has now won four straight.

Dabney had help on offense from sophomores Madison Doty and Emily Kissick. Doty posted nine kills while Kissick chipped in the seven. Sophomore Jordan Castaneda led all with 25 assists.

West Hills (2-5, 1-1 CVC) was led by sophomore Claire Broomfield. The sophomore totaled nine kills, 13 digs, and three aces. Jordan Turner contributed seven kills while setters Kimberly Beltran and Makayla Alapisco Zamora both had 14 assists.

Cerro Coso Community College

2020-2021 Report to the Community

The 2020-2021 Report to the Community is now available online here.  

Dr. Sean Hancock’s first report to the community as President of Cerro Coso Community College, is a glimpse into what we see every day . . . student success. This report serves to provide stakeholders with an annual update on the state of the college and progress towards achieving its mission to improve the life of every student they serve. A number of metrics and observations are presented providing evidence of success in some areas, and opportunities for the continued pursuit of excellence in others.  Looking forward to a full and active semester where “every moment counts” for our students.  Coyote Safe. Coyote Strong.

TAG Workshop: Guarantees Admission to a UC

Did you know that 92% of UC transfers come from California Community Colleges? These students add to the fabric of the UC community and arrive with the intellectual passion to graduate and succeed. 

Cerro Coso hosted a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Workshop for students on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 via Zoom. By participating in a TAG workshop, students will receive early review of their academic records, admissions notification, and specific guidance about major preparation and general education course work. 

Six UC campuses offer Cerro Coso students who meet specific requirements guaranteed admission to one of their campuses: UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz.  These workshops are designed to guide students through the online TAG application process. 

The College’s Transfer Center is available to assist students in researching their options and making plans for a smooth transition to a four-year university or other institution. 

Constitution and Coffee

The Student Government of Cerro Coso served iced coffee to students and staff and shared the importance of the U.S. Constitution on Thursday, September 16, 2021. 

The Constitution acted like a colossal merger, uniting a group of states with different interests, laws, and cultures. Under America’s first national government, the Articles of Confederation, the states acted together only for specific purposes. 

The Constitution united its citizens as members of a whole, vesting the power of the union in the people.  Without it, the American experiment might have ended as quickly as it had begun. 

Constitution Day is held every year on September 17th, commemorating the September 17, 1787, signing of the United States Constitution. 

Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year is required to hold an educational program about the U.S. Constitution for its students. This year the event was held by the SGCC on Thursday, because Friday the 17th was a half day. 

Cerro Coso Partners with Sav-On to Host Vaccination Clinics

Cerro Coso has partnered with Sav-On Pharmacy at the Albertson’s on China Lake Boulevard to hold weekly vaccination clinics. Through the month of October the college will be holding Vaccination Clinics in the parking lot on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  

Cerro Coso requires all students, employees, and community members conducting business or taking classes on any of its campuses to be fully vaccinated by November 1, 2021.  

The clinics are FREE and open to anyone 12 and older who needs a first or second dose. Third shots, or booster shots, will not be available. 

Getting vaccinated is the best protection from severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. The College encourages all unvaccinated people to get vaccinated and continue masking indoors regardless of vaccination status. With the Delta variant, this more urgent than ever. 

To reduce personal risk and protect our community, the College strongly urges every member of the community to be fully vaccinated. 

Bakersfield College

BC Announces Launch of Pathway to Bachelors Degree at McFarland High

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, Bakersfield College’s Early College Program announced a new Early College option to McFarland High School freshman to earn a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Automation in five years! This year’s class of 232 incoming ninth grade students will be able to start on a pathway toward a bachelor of science degree that begins their freshman year and is completed one year after they graduate from high school. Really appreciate the leadership of Superintendent Aaron Resendez and Trustee Romeo Agbalog.

37th Annual Kern Shakespeare Festival Begins October 1st

Bakersfield College’s theatre program will be holding outdoor performances for the 37th Annual Shakespeare Festival starting Friday, October 1st! Tickets are now available for A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Macbeth! Performances will be held in the Edward Simonsen Performing Arts Center (PAC) and begin at 7:30 p.m. A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be performed on October 1, 7, and 9. Macbeth will be performed on October 2, 6, and 8. Tickets are $10 general admission and $5 for students/staff/seniors/veterans. See the news release for more information. Purchase your tickets at Eventbrite.

Bakersfield College Foundation Announces New Vice Chair and Board of Directors 

The Bakersfield College Foundation announced the recent election of Derek Yurosek as its new Vice Chair, along with three new members to its board of directors! Yurosek is managing director of Arable Capital, which invests in operating businesses throughout the agriculture sector. Yurosek’s breadth of experience in management and investing will benefit the Foundation, whose endowments and other assets exceed $56 million. 

New directors elected to the BC Foundation are Megan Person, News Chief for NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center; Frank Wooldridge, Administrator of Investigations and Public Affairs for Law Offices of Young Wooldridge; and John Petri, Chief Operating Officer of Motor City Sales and Service and Lexus of Bakersfield and CFO of Seven Oaks Country Club.

Chancellor’s Seminar Series

After a short break, my Chancellor’s Seminar Series returned this week with a panel discussion, “COVID Impact on Our Local Hospitals.”

Porterville College President Claudia Habib spoke with Donna Hefner, CEO/President of Sierra View Local Health Care District:

Michael Metcalf, Faculty Director of Emergency Medical Technology at Cerro Coso Community College, spoke with Jayde Glenn, Director of Marketing & Communications/PIO at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital:

Carla Gard, Dean of Instruction for Nursing/Allied Health at Bakersfield College, spoke with Terri Church, Division Chief Nurse Executive for Dignity Health.

Thank you to all of our panelists for sharing such important information with our KCCD community. And thank you to all who tuned in to hear their remarks.

You can view videos from the Chancellor’s Seminar Series on the KCCD website.

In Memoriam

This week, I am saddened to share the passing of two amazing people: Scott Lay and Josephine Triplett.

I considered Scott Lay a friend. He was a fixture in the California State Capitol, and a fierce advocate for community colleges. He spent nearly two decades with the Community College League of California, joining as an intern in 1995 before becoming CEO in 2006 – a role he held until 2014. He passed away earlier this month at the age of 48.

Anthony York’s tribute in the Capitol Weekly painted a clear picture of a dedicated and passionate soul who faced inner, often silent turmoil.

That generosity and passion was evident in much of Scott’s pursuits. I know from experience the amount of hours he would dedicate to a new passion project, not because he expected some big financial reward, but simply for the sake of doing it.

Josephine Triplett also passed away earlier this month, on September 4. She was 88.

Josephine dedicated 33 years of her life to Bakersfield College. Even after her retirement in 2003, her impact on Bakersfield College students continued, with the Josephine Triplett Early Childhood Education Scholarship.

“Her extraordinary and quiet way with children will always be remembered, along with her ability to motivate others to value education, community activism, and embrace one’s heritage.”

In the News

Matthew S. Hopson-Walker Show to be held at PC Art Gallery

The Porterville Recorded published this story about an upcoming exhibit at the PC Art Gallery.

Fresno native Matthew S. Hopson-Walker’s show: “A Tower of Ashes Built,” will the Porterville College Art Gallery from October 4-28. Gallery hours are noon to 2 p.m. and 4 to 6 Monday through Thursday.

“I am influenced by narratives and characters found in contemporary entertainment, which often centers on themes of dystopia and unresolved conflict. I want my work to record and document specific times and places, suggest the selfish motives that lurk beneath socially acceptable behavior and reference the surface qualities and rich graphic aesthetic in the history of printmaking.”

Fun Photos & Spotted on Social Media

Dena Rhoades, KCCD Interim Vice Chancellor of Human Resources, celebrated her grandson Boston’s 8th birthday:

At Cerro Coso, Jarrod Bowen, Professor of Administration of Justice, and Melissa Bowen, Professor of Psychology and Human Services, welcomed their 8th grandson, Rowyn Matthew, on August 7th:

Porterville College shared this great bit of Hobbit trivia:

Cerro Coso students joined President Sean Hancock to help with the Coyote Cupboard distribution:

And BC Nursing shared this pic of some of their students:



That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor


Living life all the way, feeling every beat. Let’s get Loud.

Last night, I watched the new Cinderella musical on Amazon Prime. And although Natalia Winkelman gave an excoriating review of the movie in the New York Times, I completely enjoyed the movie. It could be because I love musicals ….. Cinderella came across as a mash up between a high school production of Glee attempting a Lin Manuel-Miranda-ish production of In the Heights. It could also be that I like fun-loving stubborn women and the characters of Camila Cabello, Minnie Driver, Idina Menzel were just that.

Every musical ends with a grand finale and this movie had its own version of a grand finale with the song titled “Let’s Get Loud.” Here is my favorite verse with a call to live life big…. live life bold:

If you wanna live your life
Live it all the way and don’t you waste it
Every feelin’ every beat
Can be so very sweet you gotta taste it

Enjoy this 4-min video.

Good morning, friends…
It is September 18, 2021.
The sun shines bright over KCCD.

This week, the Pirates, the Coyotes, and the Renegades continue to 

Porterville College

PC Timely Care Workshops help provide Suicide Prevention Awareness for students

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and Porterville College is partnering with TimelyCare to provide the mental and emotional support students need all year long. This month, PC is offering two virtual sessions to help students through difficult times.  The first is a discussion on how we can all save lives by learning more about suicide prevention and awareness, while the second is designed to help students optimize their emotional and mental well-being.  For more information on these sessions and more from PC Timely Care, visit www.timelycare.com/PC and click the “sessions” button at the top of the page.

Remember, If you know someone who you think might be struggling:

  1. Recognize the risk factors and warning signs of suicidal ideation. (see the image above)
  2. Ask them if they’re OK.
  3. Be direct – ask them if they’ve experienced suicidal thoughts.
  4. Listen and offer hope.
  5. Provide resources to get professional help. 

TimelyCare is available for students anytime, anywhere, with no cost to visit. If you or a peer are experiencing suicidal thoughts, speak to one of our licensed counselors by downloading the PC TimelyCare app immediately.

As a reminder, TimelyCare licensed providers are available to offer mental health support via phone or secure video visits. Have questions? Visit timelycare.com/PC to chat with us for technical support or call 1-833-4-TIMELY.

Visit to PC includes exercises in unity

This week, I joined Bakersfield College President Zav Dadabhoy and Cerro Coso College President Sean Hancock as we paid a visit to Porterville College and President Claudia Habib.

During the visit, we spent time touring the PC campus, talking with faculty, staff, and students. We also met to discuss ways to collaboratively tackle issues facing the district and then spent time on a student-directed creativity exercise.  The activity had the participants using new technology (3-D Pens) to create representations of district unity. 

Each participant created versions of a logo representing the unity that is shared by all three KCCD colleges, but it was the inspiring guidance of the students, Carlos and Rebecca, that really seemed to strike a chord with everyone. 

Thank you Roger Perez for snapping these wonderful photos.

PC Continues The Effort to fight COVID / Get Students Vaccinated on campus

Over 1000 PC students have already submitted proof of vaccination and more are sending in proof each day via the KCCD App.  PC has once again partnered with Sierra View Hospital, Kaweah Health and Imperial Ambulance to bring more clinics to the College Cafeteria.   

The first of these added clinics on September 16th made both the first and second dose of the vaccine available to anyone who needed it, whether they be students, student’s family members or community members. 

A clinic scheduled for September 20th will offer the second dose to those who need one. 

PC has brought COVID testing to campus with weekly visits from the Tulare County Testing bus.  The bus is parked in the Stadium parking lot Every Tuesday. Visit unitedhealthcenters.org for more information or to pre-register for testing.

Cerro Coso Community College

Founding President Dr. Richard Jones Tours Campus After 50 years

Dr. Sean Hancock (8th president), Dr. Richard Jones (1st president)

Founding President of Cerro Coso Community College, Dr. Richard Jones, returned to the Ridgecrest campus on Monday, September 13, 2021, to tour the facilities for the first time in almost 50 years.

In 1950, Bakersfield College began offering an A.A. degree in Ridgecrest in conjunction with an apprentice program on the Naval Ordnance Test Station (NOTS). In 1961 those college classes became the Desert Division of Bakersfield Junior College.  

Dr. Omar Scheidt was the first dean, and had the first full-time faculty of three that included now-retired longtime professors Don Rosenberg and Gary Matulef. 

In 1966 Dr. Schedit left and Dr. Jones was appointed Dean. He immediately began his work of establishing a new college here in the high desert.  

Before coming to Ridgecrest, Dr. Jones was an English and Journalism instructor and served for three years as a counselor at Bakersfield College. He was also the advisor to The RIP.

In 1968, the Desert Division became the Desert Campus. Still located at Burroughs High School. Only evening classes were held until 1967 when a third relocatable building was secured allowing for the first day classes to be offered.   

In December of 1969 the state approved a new college in the area and Dr. Jones became the founding President of that new college, yet unnamed, that would become Cerro Coso Community College. 

He returned to the Ridgecrest campus with his wife Mary Lou and met with Cerro Coso’s 8th President Dr. Sean Hancock

He left in 1975 to become the President (Superintendent) of Clark College in Vancouver, WA and in 1981 became Chancellor of the San Bernardino Community College District. 

Cerro Coso participates in 9/11 20th Anniversary Parade of 1000 Flags

More than 1000 community patriots took to the streets on Saturday, September 11, 2021, at 9 a.m., carrying flags in memory of those lost and first responders of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in 2001. 

This signature event draws people from near and far and is noted to be one of the most patriotic events of 9/11 commemorated anywhere. 

Congressman Kevin McCarthy served as this year’s Grand Marshall, led by Bagpiper George MacGillivray

Many of the children in the parade were not yet born at the times of the attacks, but they need to know and understand the significance of one of the darkest days in America’s history. 

The annual parade helps etch that into their memories. The Parade of 1000 Flags began with a march down China Lake Boulevard to City Hall where the flags were posted in Freedom Park followed by a program at the gazebo. 

NAWS Commanding Officer, Captain Vaughn, served as the keynote speaker. 

Other speakers included: Captain Scott, the officer in charge of the earthquake reconstruction at China Lake, Ridgecrest Mayor Eric Bruen, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, State Senator Shannon Grove, Assemblyman Vince Fong, Stu Witt and a number of other local representatives. 

A signature event for Ridgecrest, the Parade of 1000 Flags is a strong symbol and image of what the community stands for: a patriotic community with a strong presence of the US Navy and the role it supports in the defense of our country. United we stood as 9/11 responders toiled and families searched in 2001.  We will never forget!

New Maintenance Building

The Maintenance and Operations staff at Cerro Coso are very excited about the progress of the construction of the new Maintenance Building. 

The team of men and women who provide valuable services required to maintain and operate all campus facilities are currently housed in a modular unit older than the campus itself. 

One of two buildings, relocatable prefabs, was originally located at the south end of Burroughs High School in 1966. The old building was moved to the campus in 1973 to be used as a Day Care facility. When the Child Development Center at the Ridgecrest campus was built and occupied in the summer of 1990, Maintenance and Operations moved into the prefab facility, now 55 years old. 

The Cerro Coso community takes pride in college buildings and facilities that are kept in excellent condition by a dedicated team of maintenance workers, custodians, and grounds workers. Long overdue, everyone is excited to see the crew that does so much to support the college’s mission move into their new facility.

Bakersfield College

Renegade Football Wins in Return to Memorial Stadium

Photo by Nick Ellis/For The Bakersfield Californian

From President Zav Dadabhoy’s email:

Thirty-seven years after playing his last game as a member of the Bakersfield Renegades football team, R. Todd Littlejohn led our Renegades into BC’s Memorial Stadium on Saturday evening, this time as our head coach, just the 11th in BC’s history. 

After the 2020 season was cancelled due to the pandemic, BC’s first home game in 665 days was a success, as the Renegades defeated El Camino College 24-13. Renegade, Zack Hawkins, Running Back, is shown above during the game.

Welding Students Construct Fence for CityServe

This past summer, BC’s welding students had the opportunity to participate in a work experience/internship project through free courses offered by BC. These students constructed a metal fence enclosing the back end of the CityServe facility entirely from scratch as the first phase of an outdoor welding lab housed at CityServe.

Check out the video from Bakersfield College Career Education:


UN Day Of Peace To Feature Local Peacemakers:
Program To Kick Off Series Of Upcoming Peace-themed Events

The Bakersfield College Peace Initiative will host a virtual gathering at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, September 21 as part of the United Nations International Day of Peace.

The event will feature short speeches by local peacemakers, musical performances, and will be the first in a series of other activities in the coming months. The program will premiere on BC’s YouTube Channel as a livestream at www.youtube.com/user/BakersfieldCollege.

Speakers include Dr. Kathleen Murphy from Valley Children’s Healthcare and Hospital; Dr. Portia Choi, physician and poet; Karen Goh, Bakersfield mayor; Traco Matthews, community leader; and Neeraj Rama, from the Gandhi Committee for Truth and Nonviolence.

Check out these videos promoting the event:

Mindy Wilmot

Krista Moreland

Wylie And May Louise Jones Gallery Presents The 2021 Bakersfield College Art Faculty Exhibition

Starting Monday, September 13, the directors of the Wylie and May Louise Jones Gallery are presenting an exhibition of work from the Art Faculty of Bakersfield College. The work ranges from drawings, painting, sculpture, and textile to photography, video, and digital media. After the past year of quarantine, stress, change, and loss, the expressions rendered in these works, span a large range of the emotions we have all felt at one point or another in the past 17 months.  

Dates: September 13 – October 22, 2021

Location: Wylie and May Louise Jones Gallery inside the BC Library on the Panorama Campus, 1801 Panorama Drive, Bakersfield CA

BC Student Health & Wellness Center Receives $55,000 Grant to Fuel Vaccination Efforts

BC COVID vaccination & testing clinic team Ana Sandoval RN, Ivan Paligutan RN, Karan Dosanjh RN, and BC SHWC Director, Dr. Charles Collom pose for a picture outside the clinic.

The Bakersfield College Student Health and Wellness Center recently received a $55,000 grant from CalVax to support efforts in targeted rural and under-vaccinated communities. Health Center Director, Dr. Charles Collom gives a special thanks to Stephen Waller and Bonita Steele for their invaluable assistance in securing the grant.

The SHWC has also been hard at work on the BC Campus and surrounding communities to drive vaccination efforts in Kern. The SHWC hosts daily COVID testing and vaccinations clinics on campus, in the fireside room, between the hours of 8am and 4pm; and has scheduled routine pop up clinics at locations including BC Arvin Hub, Delano Campus, Job Spot, and The Weill Institute.

In addition to the strong vaccination efforts, the BC SHWC continues to offer medical, health, and counseling services to all BC Students. Anyone wishing to volunteer at a BC SHWC sponsored COVID vaccination and testing clinic should call 661-395-4336 or email Dr. Charles Collom at charles.collom@bakersfieldcollege.edu .             

Poetry Corner

Please enjoy this poem from Jack Hernandez:


My aunt watched
me learn to row
that small boat
on our favorite lake
where fish jumped
beyond us,
from that young boy
I have rowed
through many years,
into narrow coves
out to the wide middle,
searching    searching
for the perfect spot,                                           
lily filled
rain washed,
through it all
I have come to know
the end
is to row    to row.

Faculty Quick Tips

Last week, I shared a great resource from Porterville College – their Quick Tips for Teaching Success series.

Today, I’d like to feature another Quick Tip: Quick Tips for Getting Hired.

You can check out the video at https://kccd.instructuremedia.com/embed/de046e3c-624c-4667-af81-49da6c8ca4f3.

Thank you to presenters Dustin Acres, Rebecca Baird, Joy Lawrence, Melissa Long, Ian Onizuka, Elisa Queenan, Robert Simpkins, and special guest star Thad Russell.

In the News

Community Voices: The sadness of suicide

Jack Hernandez wrote this piece for the Bakersfield Californian reflecting on his son’s suicide 30 years ago.

Thirty years have passed, thirty years when my son could have traveled, loved, written. Thirty years when we could have shared our thoughts and stories, could have laughed as we played tennis. If only…

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. If you or someone you know is in an emergency, call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or call 911 immediately.

Bakersfield College Nursing program ranked #8 in state by Nursing Schools Almanac

KGET ran this story about BC’s Nursing programs being honored by the Nursing Schools Almanac.

The LVN program was ranked #8 in the state.

Fun Photos & Spotted on Social Media

Lacey Navarro, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction at Cerro Coso, welcomed Chyna Bear into her family:

Check out these photos from the Golden Valley High School College Fair on Wednesday. Thank you to Lupe Sanchez at Kern High School District for sharing these with the BC team. BC’s Outreach and Early College Counselor, Josie Guillen, is proudly representing Bakersfield College:

Kalina Hill shared this beautiful picture of a sunrise:

Jonathan Hernandez shared his own great start to the day:



That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor


We remember … 9-11-2001

Twenty years ago this morning, the world was forever changed as the 9/11 attacks thrust us all into a new period of fear and war.

On September 11, 2001, 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists boarded four commercial aircraft – American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 77, and United Airlines Flight 93.

When the first plane, American Airlines Flight 11, crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 am, it was not yet clear what was happening. When the second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the South Tower just 17 minutes later at 9:03 am, it became evident this was no mere accident and America was under attack.

Two more crashes followed shortly after, with American Airlines Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon at 9:37 am.

United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after crew and passengers – who by this time had learned of the other attacks – attempted to seize the aircraft and the terrorists responded by intentionally rolling and crashing the plane. It is believed that plane was intended to target the White House or the Capitol.

These attacks caused unfathomable grief and despair not only across the United States, but across the globe. In one morning, everything changed and it was clear there would be no returning to the world before. For days and weeks, many of us sat in disbelief as television offered 24/7 coverage of the events and possible repercussions.

The terrorist attacks killed 2,977 victims and injured 25,000 more. In the years since, many of the first responders who bravely faced the firestorm to save what souls they could have succumbed to injuries and illnesses sustained by their acts of courage.

But in the days following the senseless attacks, we joined together and found reasons for hope.

Today, 20 years later, so much has changed. The US has just left Afghanistan following the War in Afghanistan that began in October 2001 in response to the September 11 attacks. We are facing a different global threat of a pandemic that has killed over 4.5 million people around the world. We as a nation – and even as a state – face fierce division and distrust of one another.

But just as we did 20 years ago, we can find common ground, find our strength in one another, and find reasons for hope. Good news abundant in the details where we care to look: Thailand making PPE out of upcycled bottles; Two Atlanta teachers have their students start their day with positive affirmations; School faculty surprised the custodian with a car so he wouldn’t have to walk to work.

It may not always be flashy and it may not always be the top story – but good news, inspiring stories, uplifting tales of people coming together and helping one another – they are all around us.

Prof. Jeremy Staat’s welding students build a twin tower monument

Good morning, friends…
It is September 11, 2021.
The sun shines bright over KCCD.

This week, the Pirates, the Coyotes, and the Renegades continue to 

Porterville College

PC Welcomes Award Winning Poet to Speaker Series 

The Porterville College Writer & Poet Speaker Series is proud to present our first speaker of the Fall Semester.  EVERYONE is invited to attend via Zoom for a conversation with Tim Z Hernandez.  He is a non-fiction writer and the author of “Mañana Means Heaven” and the first installment in The Plane Crash Series, “All They Will Call You”. Hernandez is the recipient of such accolades as the American Book Award, the Colorado Book Award, the International Latino Book Award, and more! Below are just a few review excerpts about his book.

“Hernandez’s intimate knowledge of life amid the agricultural fields of central California and his ability to conjure the thoughts and emotions of the young Bea Franco make for a graceful and melancholy tale.”—The Associated Press

“Through documents, interviews and dogged research, Tim Z. Hernandez pieces together her life and the significance of that chance encounter that shaped both of their lives forever.” —The New York Times

Join us on September 23 from Noon to 1:00 pm for a reading from his latest work, a presentation on his life and his writing, and a Q&A session. 

Connect via PC / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/94164370603  Meeting ID: 941 6437 0603 

STEM Workshops offer a look into life as a USDA Engineer

Porterville College and the USDA have teamed up to provide STEM Enrichment Workshops that highlight USDA agencies and/or partners. The workshops have been developed to introduce local, regional, and state USDA Agencies, federal, and industry partners to STEM students and the campus wide community. Additionally, these enrichment workshops utilize an interactive, discussion-based format designed to engage students actively in their own career development process. Students will take away information about opportunities offered by USDA to optimize their STEM major, internship, and career searches.

The first workshop in this series will be held on September 22nd on campus.  The featured speakers include Blair Bain, a Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Civil Engineer and Dave Krietemeyer, a Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Area 3 Engineer.

Blair Bain began his career with NRCS in 2011 as an Earth Team Volunteer. He has held the position of Civil Engineering Technician with NRCS in Fresno and Hanford, Civil Engineer in Visalia, and just recently became the Team Engineer for the Southern San Joaquin Valley. He provides technical assistance for conservation planning, surveying, design, construction and inspections, as well as project management for a wide variety of engineering projects. He has worked extensively on irrigation and dairy digester projects throughout his career. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Fresno State.

Dave Krietemeyer began his career with NRCS in Ohio. He has worked as a Hydraulic and Planning Engineer, Field Office Engineer, and Area Engineer since coming to California in 1992. He has worked on watershed projects as well as fire and flood rehab projects throughout the southern half of the state, and numerous irrigation, dairy, and range projects in the Central Valley and Sierra Nevadas. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineer from the Ohio State University.

PCs Dreamer’s success center partners with the UFW Foundation to offer Free Legal Services

The UFW Foundation and Porterville College have partnered to bring FREE immigration legal services directly to students, faculty, and staff.  Immigration Attorneys and Department of Justice accredited representatives are available to provide free, culturally-competent, and reliable expertise to the campus community.

Services include Immigration eligibility consultations, DACA Renewal, Naturalization, Family-based immigration, and other immigration services.

Claudia Lopez, staff attorney for the UFW Foundation says of the program, ”UFW Foundation immigration attorneys and DOJ Accredited Representatives are available to provide culturally competent, trauma-informed, and reliable expertise to the campus community. We can serve people in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Mixteco, and Mandarin; simply indicate your language preference.”  For assistance, you can schedule a FREE appointment with the following link: https://bit.ly/ccpappt

This service is offered through the DREAMER’s Success Center on campus. 

Cerro Coso Community College

Late Start courses at Cerro Coso still available for Fall 2021

Cerro Coso Community College is offering a number of late start classes this fall. Late start classes can be to pursue a degree, or for professional development and personal enrichment. Offered in a variety of formats including completely online, hybrid, schedule Zoom, or on campus, students can pick the format that best meets their needs.  

With a variety of start dates, the college is offering an array of classes in Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Business Office Technology, Child Development, English, Health Careers, Information Technology, Spanish, and so much more. 

A complete listing of late start classes is available on the college website at www.cerrocoso.edu/class-schedule. Contact a counselor today.

Denise Allen joins CTE team at Ridgecrest campus

Cerro Coso would like to welcome Denise Allen, the new CTE Administrative Secretary at the Ridgecrest campus.

A graduate of Cerro Coso, Denise holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Sciences and a minor in Psychology from Oregon State University. Married with two children, she enjoys playing games with her family, going on hikes, lounging in her backyard, and exploring. 

The college’s CTE Program specializes in skilled trades, applied sciences, modern technologies, and career preparation. Learners of all ages are provided the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers. 

The programs prepare these learners for the world of work by introducing them to workplace competencies, and makes academic content accessible to students by providing it in a hands-on format. Welcome Denise to the CCCC community! 

TimelyCare Telehealth available for Cerro Coso students

Being a college student right now can be overwhelming, especially when the world keeps shifting under our feet. College students should take health care seriously – Cerro Coso does.  TimelyCare Telehealth for Coyotes provides 24/7 access to FREE medical and mental health support for all Cerro Coso students. Students can talk to a licensed provider from their smartphone or any web-enabled device, anywhere in the United States, day or night, for FREE!

Licensed physicians and counselors are available to offer medical and mental support via phone or secure video visits. Students can go to timelycare.com/CoyoteTelehealth to register with their college email address and receive on-demand or scheduled access to a medical provider who can treat a wide range of common illnesses like cold and flu, sinus infection, allergies and more, or talk to a mental health professional to talk about anything at anytime, or schedule an appointment to meet with a licensed counselor. 

TimelyCare also offers group sessions: Weekly Guided Meditation and Yoga, plus specialized sessions throughout the year. Students can also get prescriptions if the provider deems it clinically appropriate.  TimelyCare.  It’s for students.  For FREE. 

Need help? Find out more at CoyoteTelehealth.

Bakersfield College

BC 9/11 Monument in the Renegade Crossroads

From President Zav Dadabhoy’s email:

As we approach the 20th anniversary of one of the most profound tragedies our country has ever endured, the attacks of September 11, 2001, Bakersfield College is ever mindful of each soul that was lost. We remember with gratitude the heroic actions and selfless sacrifices of the first responders that day and of the servicemen and women who went on to fight the War on Terror in the years that followed. Through this memorial monument, we wish to honor and pay tribute to all those who perished. We at Bakersfield College vow to remember them on this 20th anniversary and throughout the ages.

Bakersfield College invites students, staff, and the community to share in our tribute by visiting the Veteran Resource Center booth to pen a message of remembrance and affix it to a red memorial carnation provided by the BC Veteran Resource Center. The carnations will be placed at the foot of the Twin Tower memorial, which will be located in the quad throughout the week.

The Twin Towers Memorial Monument was a collaborative project by the BC VRC staff, designed and built by BC faculty, Jeremy Staat. BC Horticulture faculty, Lindsay Ono, provided the plants and rubble to complete the memorial. The base of the monument bears resemblance to the current memorial in New York where the twin towers once stood. There are nearly 3,000 welding tacks within the monument in honor of the souls lost that day. New life, hope and the tenacity of our country are represented by the foliage overcoming the rubble below the towers.

Check out this video from 23ABC News about the monument.

The monument will be displayed through September 11.

Renegade Athletics Return

Football season is back and fans will be returning to Memorial Stadium on Saturday, September 11, 2021, at 6pm as the Renegades face off against the El Camino Warriors!

On the anniversary of September 11th, the ‘Gades will be honoring all first responders during halftime and all first responders will be receiving free admission.

Renovations made to Memorial Stadium since 2019 include the remodeled concession stands, new stadium lighting, and an HD video scoreboard which will enhance the game day experience at Memorial Stadium. Gates open to the public at 5pm. 

This week, the BC Men’s Soccer team traveled to Cerritos, where they unfortunately lost 4-1.

On Friday, September 10, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country traveled to Oxnard College for the Oxnard Invitational at 10:00AM.

Wrestling also returned on Friday, after not competing since 2019. They hosted Victor Valley in the Gil Bishop Sports Complex at 6:00PM. This morning, they host the Bakersfield College Duels at 10:00AM.  

Poetry Corner

I have been sharing Jack Hernandez‘s multi-part poem, Rockport in June. Today I’m sharing the remaining parts 7-9:


I am up,
the others
are asleep,
the sun glows
through clouds
flowing water
slowly passing
the island
solid and there
before my eyes
like my future.


The boats sail leisurely
or speed by bouncing
on the waves,
occasionally a lobster boat
sits patiently,
which one am I?
I think as I slowly
rise to get another
cup of coffee
feeling my knees say,
“Stay a little longer.”


I could move here
and be a monk
in winter,
on each snow filled
morning how blessed
I am to see
the sun flashed
ocean    to have
the love
of my laughing
joyful family.

Ag/Water/Energy (AWE) Education Series 

The Energy Technology Transfer and Workforce Development initiative launched a new webinar series bringing together experts and stakeholders in natural resources for Kern County. 

For the first edition of the Ag/Water/Energy Education series, Kern County Farm Bureau Executive Director Romeo Agbalog started off by introducing Roger Aines, a scientist from Lawrence Livermore laboratories who talked about the rich potential for biomass and carbon sequestration projects in Kern County.

Romeo Agbalog’s Opening Remarks:

I will bring the other speakers to you in future blogs.

Emeritus Recognition at KCCD Board Meeting & Luncheon

At this month’s KCCD Board of Trustees meeting, three of our distinguished faculty members were recognized as Emeritus Recipients.

Congratulations to:

Ron Glahn, Porterville College

Claudia Habib, Ron Glahn, Trustee John Corkins

Becky Head, Bakersfield College

Sandi Taylor, Bakersfield College

Was happy that Earl Parsons snapped this photo of sandi and me.

Here is a 3-min video where I present a life time achievement award to Sandi

After the board meeting Isabel Melendez snapped this photo of me with the three presidents.

Quick Tips for Teaching Success

I’ve been looking over the archive from Porterville College’s Quick Tips for Teaching Success Series, and I wanted to share this amazing resource with you.

Quick Tips for Online Success began as a group of faculty from Porterville College decided to join forces in order to help colleagues and each other in the move to online learning.  In the summer of 2020, the team began presenting weekly on topics such as student-to-student interaction and creating engaging videos, condensing a presentation into an action-packed 20 minutes.  The goal of the group is to learn from each other through sharing best practices so that we can do the very best for our students during this time of uncertainty. 

Check out the recording from the webinar “A Deep Dive into Surviving High (Academic) Anxiety”.

Ethics in Leadership event set for September 15

I received this email from Traco Matthews this week, and I wanted to share it with you as ethics in leadership is such a critical topic:

You are cordially invited to attend this Kegley Institute of Ethics event the evening of Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 6pm. Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, this event will now be held virtually. I look forward to seeing many of you there as we discuss the role of ethics in leadership.

In the News

KCHCC Receives Prestigious Chamber of the Year Award from the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

Jay Tamsi and Sonya Christian

The Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (KCHCC) is proud to announce it will be receiving the prestigious award of Chamber of the Year. This honor will be awarded at The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce’s (CHCC) Annual Statewide Convention on September 11, 2021, in Palm Springs, California.

This award recognizes a Hispanic Chamber for their work in leading the advancement of Hispanic small businesses and the communities they serve. The award recognizes excellence in operations, member services, and community leadership.  

“This is an absolute honor that I am proud to share with our Board of Directors, especially, over the course of the past two years,” says Jay Tamsi, President/CEO of the KCHCC. “Our organization is resilient and continues to be dedicated to Kern County’s economic and community development.

Since its inception in 1985, the Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has been dedicated to helping Hispanic owned businesses and business professionals succeed within its community. Through various community partnerships, the organization has dedicated itself to granting access to business development workshops, community-based academies and educational seminars to its members and the community at large. Member celebrations such as grand-openings, special events and monthly mixers have also been a strong suit of the Chamber’s ability to bring its community together.

Over the last 12 months, KCHCC partnered with Kern County Public Health and numerous community partners, community leaders and health care institutions to bring free COVID-19 testing sites and vaccination clinics to Kern County’s underserved neighborhoods and community centers. These widely successful and heavily attended clinics are due in part, to the chamber’s strong community presence and esteemed reputation.

In addition to the Kern County Latino COVID-19 Task Force, the Chamber was able to implement a strong virtual learning arena for its members and local business community. Online seminars relating to employment law, health and safety rules and regulations and traditional business readiness and preparation were continuously offered during the pandemic.

BC Foundation publishes September edition of Panorama

This week, the BC Foundation published the September edition of their Panorama newsletter.

Highlights include –

A feature on BC Interim President Zav Dadabhoy:

Dr. Dadabhoy brings a variety of experience to the position.  In fact, a career in higher education was not his original plan.  “In my first career, I worked as a public accountant in England. I came to the U.S. in 1982, to study Organizational Behavior, and that evolved into a career in higher education,” he said.    

A preview of the 14th Annual Sterling Silver, on March 19, 2022:

Honorees include the Contreras Family, Individual Philanthropist Award; Bank of America, Corporate Philanthropist Award; Assemblymember Rudy Salas, BC Foundation Service Medal; and Congressman William “Bill” Thomas, Lifetime Achievement Award

Check out the September edition of Panorama online. Thank you to BC Foundation Executive Director Cheryl Scott!

Fun Photos and Spotted on Social Media

I wanted to share this photo from last weekend as many of us travelled to LA Pierce to watch the first Renegade Football game.

Sonya Christian with Sharon Baker

Porterville President Claudia Habib shared these photos as Summit HS Freshmen became PC students:

So proud of this freshman class and excited about their bright future ahead #DualEnrollment #EarlyCollege #partnership  #studentsuccess @SummitHS_Bears @PCollegePirates @Burtonsuper2018”

Porterville College Director of Student Services Frank Ramirez shared this post from the start of the KCCD Leadership Academy:



That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor