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2015 MESA Awards: BC Student Achievements Shine

MESA Awards Banquet 2015Bakersfield College continues to focus on low-income communities by providing opportunities that result in economic advancement.  And there’s no better opportunity for a first-generation college student than to dive headfirst into careers in industries clamoring for qualified workers: engineering, science and  mathematics.

So an organization focused on supporting and mentoring disadvantaged students into those in-demand and high-wage careers is one that gets BC’s highest seal of approval!

MESA Awards Banquet 2015On May 7th, members of BC’s MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) program held their 11th annual awards banquet, honoring the 2015 achievements of our own MESA students.  It’s wonderful to see how many have accepted the academic support and industrial advantages MESA provides and are now ready to jump into that active job pool.

Under the oversight of MESA Director Connie Gonzalez, the banquet was a great event celebrating the determination of some of BC’s hardest-working students.

Consuelo GonzalezCongratulations award winners!


11th Annual Bakersfield College MESA Awards winners:

Industry Sponsor of the Year: Aera Energy LLC
Outstanding Individual Award: Traco Matthews
Professor of the Year Award: Richard Darke

Scholarships: Jeremy Duke, Jose Chavez, Evaleena Reyes, Amanda Jones, Brian Thayer, Edward Berdon, Oswaldo Marquez, Devin Pozas, Mary Baires, Randy Duong

Chevron Merit Scholars: Joshua Sosa, Tyler Starr, Edward Berdon, Tamara Kozareva, Jordy Dobbs, Jose Salinas, Daniella Bosze, Brian Thayer, Neftali Santos, Zeph Nord, Amanda Jones, Reymil Fernandez, Oswaldo Marquez, Marco Sanchez, Colton Nichelson, Zachary Allen, Yessenia Acosta, Ghillmar Mancia, Evaleena Reyes, Saul Mosqueda

MESA Awards Banquet 2015Transfers: Jeremy Duke, Zack Allen, Daniella Bosze, Brian Thayer, Matthew Gaitan, Tamara Kozareva, Devin Pozas, Anthony Prieto, Mary Baires, Sheri-Amor Craig, Alejandro Cruz, Randy Duong, Travis Renteria, Joshua Sosa, Jose Salinas, Gazali Ezzeddeen, Diana Herrera, Martin Alvarado, Austin Fowler, Joanne Jeong, Aeri Kim, Edison Quinonez, Juan Ramirez, Irabiel Romero, Anabel Salazar, Marco Sanchez, Alejandro Santos

Senate Certificate of Recognition: Jose Chavez, Jeremy Duke, Ghillmar Mancia, Reymil Fernando, Evaleena Reyes, Oscar Santos, Zack Allen, Amanda Jones, Danielle Bosze, Jessica Bravo, Zeph Nord, Brian Thayer, Edward Berdon, Matthew Gaitan, Oswalso Marquez, Mark Martinez, Tamara Kozareva, Devin Pozas, Jose Salinas

Internships/Research: Jose Chavez, Ghillmar Mancia, Reymil Fernandez, Evaleena Reyes, Jose Salinas, Oscar Santos, Amanda Jones, Jessica Bravo, Zeph Nord, Edward Berdon, Mark Martinez, Anthony Prieto Jeremy Duke, Sheri-Amor Craig, Zack Allen