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BC students at Fresno State

2014 Trip to Fresno State

2014 Trip to Fresno State

In an effort to encourage and emphasize transfer, the EOP&S/CARE/CalWORKs programs had the opportunity to attend a university excursion to Fresno State University. Improving college awareness and access through university exposure is an essential part of the student success process, so, our team took students to Fresno State so they could fully understand the transfer process and increase their own self-confidence in their ability to transfer.

Many of the participants in Bakersfield College’s EOP&S, CARE, and CalWORKs programs have never ventured out of Kern County or visited a university campus: such is the plight of most first generation, low-income students.

This campus outing was a HUGE success which allowed 35 of our students to participate in a campus tour. In addition, participants were able to develop long-lasting friendships with one another, and preview the best of what Fresno State had to offer. As confirmed by student feedback, our students were genuinely enthusiastic about having the opportunity to visit Fresno State. The event was as eye opening experience which impressed upon our students that education and transfer are POSSIBLE.

Among the many successful components of the university excursion was the following:

  1. Exciting campus tour by well-organized and enthusiastic tour guides
  2. Meaningful and pertinent information obtained about every department and major
  3. Outstanding student panel organized by the Fresno State EOP Program
  4. Amazing lunch buffet at the Fresno State Dining Hall
  5. Incredible team-bonding activities to foster unity and togetherness amongst the students
  6. Excellent educational showings at the Downing Planetarium

But, enough from me. What did students have to say about the trip to Fresno State?

The field trip was an Awesome experience! I got to see what a big university like Fresno State really felt like. I had so much fun I felt like a little kid again as we had the opportunity to travel as group and shown the main attractions of the campus. It definitely pushed and motivated me to transfer to the university level. Thanks to the university trip I have a better perspective on the transfer process. ~Jesus Salazar

This trip was not only fun but it was also educational and insightful. We got a great tour of the campus and learned so much about Fresno State and the best part about the trip was Manuel cracking us all up. Through team bonding activities we all got to bond together and the opportunity to make new friends and relationships. Seeing how wonderful the campus was definitely motivated me to actually apply to it as well. Especially, when our tour guide told us that “English majors can go teach at any part of the world” if they get their B.A. from Fresno. I am an English major so this was like music to my ears. Overall, I had a great time and the Planetarium show at the end made me realize that astronomy is not as horrible of subject that I always made it out to be. I hope that next semester we visit a UC campus and see what they have to offer, especially since that is my ultimate goal. ~ Roshelle Czar 

Going to Fresno State was a memorable and exciting experience. I have never been to a university before. I had the chance to get an insightful tour of their campus, try their delicious food (lunch was amazing), and make new friends. If you were to make another trip like this, I’d definitely go. ~Stacy Vega 

The trip to CSU Fresno was a fantastic day for me! The whole tour was interesting and I really fell in love with the campus. I know it would have been more exciting if my friends came along!!! Hopefully we can go to another great campus soon. Overall, I had a great time! ~ Lliemeles Ortega 

BC STEM Student Receives $30,000 PG&E Scholarship


Bakersfield College STEM student, Aaron Sproul, received PG&E’s $30,000 Bright Minds Scholarship which provides a $30,000 renewable scholarship each year.

PG&E presented Sproul with the scholarship in a surprise ceremony.

Congratulations, Aaron!

Aaron was a math tutor at BC and graduated with honors in 2012.  He then transferred to California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) where he is studying applied mathematics.

BC transfers students to the CSU system, the UC system and other four-year colleges across the nation.  Among the CSU transfers, CSUB gets the largest percentage.  In 2011-2012 approximately 73% of CSU transfers were to CSU Bakersfield.  Among the UC transfers, Davis, LA, and Berkeley more consistently had the largest number of transfers with Santa Barbara and Riverside making the top three periodically.

BC has a strong STEM program.  Check out previous blog posts at:

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From Camp to Campus. Winners from our Delano campus.

“Camp to Campus” is a 90-minute documentary which focuses on first-generation college graduates who come from a migrant labor background. This is the reality for many Bakersfield College students, and for two in particular.

As part of “Camps to Campus” students could submit essays about their own college-going experience for the opportunity to receive a $1000 scholarship to attend CSUB. Two Bakersfield College students who attend class at the Delano Campus were the winners!

CamptoCampusDeissy Ibarra received a scholarship for her essay titled “The Light at the End of the Tunnel.” You can read Deissy’s submission online. Deissy related her own college-going experience to one of the students featured in “Camp to Campus” and received a $1000 scholarship for her effort.

Raji Rivera created a video essay for his submission.

Congratulations to these two students. Their success stories and pursuit of higher education are why Bakersfield College has worked for the last 100 years to provide access to quality higher education!