From Camp to Campus. Winners from our Delano campus.

“Camp to Campus” is a 90-minute documentary which focuses on first-generation college graduates who come from a migrant labor background. This is the reality for many Bakersfield College students, and for two in particular.

As part of “Camps to Campus” students could submit essays about their own college-going experience for the opportunity to receive a $1000 scholarship to attend CSUB. Two Bakersfield College students who attend class at the Delano Campus were the winners!

CamptoCampusDeissy Ibarra received a scholarship for her essay titled “The Light at the End of the Tunnel.” You can read Deissy’s submission online. Deissy related her own college-going experience to one of the students featured in “Camp to Campus” and received a $1000 scholarship for her effort.

Raji Rivera created a video essay for his submission.

Congratulations to these two students. Their success stories and pursuit of higher education are why Bakersfield College has worked for the last 100 years to provide access to quality higher education!

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One thought on “From Camp to Campus. Winners from our Delano campus.

  1. Michael Carley July 25, 2013 at 8:26 am Reply

    Sounds great. Also consider: This film profiles four first generation students. One is from Lake Isabella and attended BC; another is from Bakersfield and attended CSUB.

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