Staying Safe at BC

Counts, Chiang, Cox

Our team of safety presenters!

Yesterday, April 24, 2013, I participated in a workshop led by three of our staff members on how to stay safe in an emergency on campus – particularly an active shooter incident. It is a sad reality that we must train for these sort of realities.

Bakersfield College Public Safety Sergeant Chris Counts, Bakersfield College Public Safety Officer Richard Cox and Bakersfield College Director of Marketing and Public Relations Amber Chiang led the presentation which began with important statistics on violent crimes on college campuses, and then the recommended actions for staff and students in an emergency. After their presentation, the audience viewed “Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes,” a training video on shooter scenarios. Chris, Amber, and Ric then led a question and answer session, where they responded to many questions about safety on Bakersfield College’s campus.

I was quite happy to see several students in the room and they were vocal about the importance of making the session available to students. We will be working to show the “Shots Fired” video during new student orientation, and making future emergency preparedness trainings open to the entire campus, students and staff alike.

One of the things I remember most is “If you see something, say something.” This line has become Bakersfield College Public Safety’s informal motto. Sergeant Counts and Officer Cox reinforced for everyone that no call is too small. They will respond to, and investigate, all calls which come in from concerned students and staff.

The presentation is on the Public Safety department’s website at presentation online.

Thanks Chris, Amber, and Ric.

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