From one of our graduates

99th commencement 2013 Tom Moran

99th Commencement


Here is an email from Annette Russ, one of our students from the 99th graduating class:

Sent: Monday, May 13, 2013 4:10 PM
To: Amber Chiang
Subject: Graduation Spring 2013

Hello Ms. Chiang,

I just wanted to give the college a huge shout out for last Friday’s graduation. I graduated from a college in northern California about 27 years ago, and have gone back to further my education. I was one of the fortunate graduates of the 99 TH graduating class and I must say it was amazing. I felt so proud of Bakersfield college in how they preform their ceremony.  The instructors who were giving high fives and hugs as we walked out was truly the best part.  I really felt that they cared for me, even though many did not know me. I felt they all were proud of us and that is awesome.

Thanks again for a great ceremony.


Annette Russ


The photo is from Tom Moran’s commencement collection which is at

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