BC Student Wins Eco-Student College Award

Ariany Cespedes

Bakersfield College Ariany Cespedes wins Kern County Green Award.

Recently, Elizabeth Rodacker, English faculty, emailed me about Ariany Cespedes.

Ariany won the Kern County Green Award for her work at Bakersfield College.  Ariana is a leader and role model when it comes to recycling and raising awareness about environmental issues. As the Vice President of Bakersfield College’s Go Green Club, she dedicates her time to the club by helping create flyers and videos regarding sustainability practices, and giving speeches to educate her peers about sustainability issues. She also acted as an organizer for fundraisers collecting money to provide recycling bins for the Bakersfield College campus.

Talking about Green Awards, BC has adopted sustainability as one of our Core Values.  Here it is:

We recognize our responsibility for continuing and maintaining this institution which has been shaped by over 100 years of resolute and tenacious labor and judicious foresight, so we unceasingly place our energies into imagining how we might sustain and renew our fiscal, human, and environmental resources into the future.

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