HerWorld Came to Bakersfield College

According to research, careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are growing 2-3 times faster than any other career field, but the number of high school students enrolling in STEM-related degree fields continues to drop. Bakersfield College’s effort to increase student participation and success in STEM careers is apparent in many of our efforts on campus and in the community. Building a STEM future, particularly among girls, starts early. This Spring, Bakersfield College partnered with DeVry University to present HerWorld, a day-long program for high school girls.Thank you Michele Bresso for making this connection for BC.

The event brought busloads of high school girls to the Bakersfield College campus for an opportunity to interact with peers, participate in educational and confidence-building activities, and receive advice from successful female leaders in the community to motivate them to prepare and succeed in college to reach their career dreams. HerWorld participants saw live demonstrations, toured STEM laboratories, and even built robots! Once again, Bakersfield College’s team effort made an amazing event – and hopefully – changed the education and career paths of a few girls!Thank you Liz Rozell and all faculty and staff in STEM for making this happen.

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