College Night 2014. Thank you Steve Watkin and BC team

KCCN 1 - 2014

On Monday, Sep 8th, I headed to the Convention Center to check out the College Night event. This is the time of year when colleges and universities set up booths for high schools students and their parents to check out the different college options.

We are BC Sep 8 2014As I walked into the Rabobank Center I immediately spotted the prominent sign We are BC along with red and white balloons.  And then came the resounding We are BC from our cheer team.  The BC spirit was alive and well and as Lisa Kent noted: “BC had a vast and spirited presence and I was honored to be a part of something so inspiring!”

Over 100 colleges and universities and approximately 7,000 students/parents participated in the program.  And thanks to Steve Watkin, BC was represented in all its red and white glory.

BC Representatives – 50 Strong!

Outreach – Josie Guillen, Kyle Mann, Victoria Roel
Counseling – Alice Desilagua, Victor Diaz, Marisa Marquez, Emily Bartel, Kathy Rosellini, Paul Beckworth, Sandy Sierra, Margaret Head
Nursing – Dinorah Castro, Traci Hill, Erin Kavanagh, Gregory Bolts, Pamela Esparza, Megan Black
Admissions & Records – Michelle Pena, Jackie Lau
CTE – Pam Gomez, Antonio Alfaro, Dominica Rivera
SGA – Nicky Damania, Trina Goree, Diana Valle, Alex Dobrenen, Jimmy Moran, Colton Nichelson, Simoneel Czar, Roshelle Czar, Miles Post, Giovanna Burrell, David Vaughan
Financial Aid – Primavera Arvizu, Evette Lara, Angela Williams, Venessa Reyes, Angelica Vasquez
Foundation – Lisa Kent
DSPS – Terri Goldstein, Bill La
Cheer Leaders – Haleigh Earis, Kourtney Hall, Heather Herrera, Megan Chamberlin
Culinary – Cynthia Jackson, Elizabeth Valle
IT – Manuel De Los Santos
Manny Mourtzanos, Zav Dadabhoy

What an evening!

Selfie with BC gang sep 8 2014 KCCN 5 KCCN 4 KCCN 3 KCCN 2


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2 thoughts on “College Night 2014. Thank you Steve Watkin and BC team

  1. Emmanuel (Manny) Mourtzanos September 10, 2014 at 8:57 pm Reply

    Congratulations, BC Outreach Team, for your exceptional efforts and service…and for bringing BC to our local community. Well done!!

  2. Emily Bartel September 11, 2014 at 7:51 am Reply

    What a great event! Kudos to Steve and Outreach, very well done! Cannot wait to take part in next years event!

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