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Sonya B&N Feb 8 2015 after Sterling Silver

Sonya Christian at B&N the morning after Sterling Silver. Feb 8, 2015

What a grand event last night at the Sterling Silver dinner. It was a spectacular event.  Red carpet, amazing music, great food, great students….. We had an incredible internal and external team that made it happen.

Internal Team: There were many, but let me highlight Tom Gelder, Angie Paquette, Mary Jo Pasek, Amber Chiang, Lisa Kent, Kristin Rabe, Manuel de Los Santos.

External: Marlene Heise who led the team. David Gay and Rick Kreiser who co-chaired and co-hosted the event.

After Sterling Silver I headed out to the Hispanic Chamber annual dinner where Corny had a BC table to support KCHCC. Every moment of yesterday I had people just tell me how BC had helped them or a family member or….. I am so glad to be back as BC’s 10th president.


This morning, here I am at Barnes and Nobles savoring some Earl Grey with honey and just at peace with the world, enjoying the wonderful, generous, talented, smart folks that make up BC.

Jennifer Garrett and Kyle Carter Feb 7 2015

Kyle Carter & Jennifer Garrett accommodating the photographer (moi)


One comes to mind in particular, Jennifer Garrett who tirelessly played on the harp and piano the whole night.  And she facebooked how tired her arms were.

Here is a “copy and paste” of an article in the Bakersfield Californian on Dec 17, 2014 by Russ Allred.  Sit back and enjoy Jennifer Garrett and enjoy our BC colleagues.


BY RUSS ALLRED For The Californian

The term is over, finals are graded, it’s dark in the Bakersfield College parking lot, but a light is shining in one of the classrooms. The BC Chamber Singers are warming up for another gig, still polishing their tone and perfecting the phrases. They all started practicing before the semester started and they’ll be singing Christmas carols for another two weeks.

How does one motivate a team of college kids who receive no compensation? It’s only logical to look to their leader for answers. She’s Dr. Jennifer Garrett, all 4’4″ and 82 pounds of her. She needs cooperation from a class of crooners. An unlikely looking leader, but one who could teach lessons to small business owners and corporate executives, hence her mention here.

Let’s dissect this dynamic group and see what leadership lessons we can learn to the count of ten.

1. Garrett hand-picked her choir based on their skill and what they could contribute. Most great leaders have tryouts for their team. You might want to rethink the players on yours.

2. Garret set a goal for the choir to sing in Rome Italy, June 2015. A grand objective with a time limit that is shared by the group is generally motivating. You should set lofty, objectives for sales growth within time constraints.

3. Each member receives regular communication from the leader. A good leader informs the team what they are planning. There are written daily goals and follow up on performances.

4. Garret expects the best performance, every time. The boss should never be satisfied with mediocrity.

5. As a musician, Garret offers tools and processes for improvement. It’s not enough to demand performance; you must show the way.

6. Individual problems are addressed privately. If someone is detracting from the group’s performance, it is never good to point it out in public.

7. Those who haven’t practiced, don’t perform. In business you must cut the slackers.

8. Garret works just as hard behind the scenes, preparing the practice, practicing her directions, and directing the supporting team. You’ve got to walk the talk.

9. She assigned section leaders to enhance practices with their individual parts. You must delegate duties to get everything done.

10. Most importantly, Garret shows her appreciation for performance and progress. Simple things like treats or notes or public acknowledgement move individuals to do more than expected.

Find the article at: http://www.bakersfieldcalifornian.com/business/x945008030/RUSS-ALLRED-What-leaders-do-to-motivate

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  1. Kyle Carter February 9, 2015 at 5:54 pm Reply

    A truly wonderful evening that highlighted the amazing abilities of our college staff and student body
    Kyle Carter

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