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Tuesday (9/16/2014) evening musings

Latino Mixer Sep 10 2014

Steve Watkin, Lisa Kent, Jeannie Parent, Paul Beckworth, Anna Poetker, Corny Rodriguez

Really enjoying BC being visible in the community and in Social Media.  Here are some tidbits for you to enjoy as much as I did.

Latino outreach

I enjoy seeing colleagues out and about in the community.  Here is a photo that Corny texted me from the Latino Mixer this past Wednesday.


Randy Beeman on Facebook

Came across this Facebook post from Randy Beeman about one of his students, one of our students, a Renegade.  I kept going back and reading it as it weighed heavily on my mind and heart.  So I thought I would share an excerpt from the post.


Randy Beeman

“Being a college professor is usually on the list of the most rewarding jobs. The pay is nice, the hours are great, and there is atmosphere of freedom. Yet with that freedom and cushy lifestyle comes responsibility, not just to educate but also to inspire. In the last two weeks I have been tasked with one of the more sad aspects of the job. As was reported in the paper, a young man, my former student, was sentenced to two years in federal prison. Of the 16,000 plus students I’ve taught this guy was someone I thought for certain had (has) the potential to be a major success. He asked me to write a letter to the judge but it obviously didn’t help lighten the sentence. (They were stealing expensive electronic equipment from the oil companies.) Also reported in the paper was the story of another young man, (also a former “A” student of mine), who plea bargained a First Degree murder charge down to an Involuntary Manslaughter charge. This young man is a decorated veteran who represented this country in a dangerous combat role in places many Americans don’t even know we have a military presence, let alone Iraq. There was a fight and he shot and killed another young man. I really don’t know what happened – it’s just a tragedy all the way around. His wife asked for letters of support in preparation for his sentencing. I gladly wrote a letter because I remember his heroism, his intellectual gifts, and his humor. I am in no way trying to apologize for these young men, but what is striking is that they both hail from good families, they both possess immense talent, and they both made life changing mistakes that were harmful to society, and, in the second case, a life. It makes one realize the challenges kids who don’t have these assets must face on the path of life. Their stories also are cautionary – there is no easy money”


A letter that was sent to Cindy Collier

BRN Accreditation Visit Sep 11 2014

Nursing team after BRN visit on Sep 11, 2014

Hello Cindy,

I would like to take a moment of your time and respond to your very wonderful post that you left me while I was traveling. You caught me off guard and I didn’t know what to say, but with a little time I have a better response for you.

Thank you for believing in me. I have an amazing career and it all started with you taking a chance on me. I want to make sure you know that you make a difference in so many lives! Mine is only one example. I understand, now more than ever, how our day-to-day interactions can seem to be bogged down with meetings, politics, and mundane task. Please know that you still have the power to effect change!

Thank you for allowing me to show you that I could succeed. When I applied for my first job in Oceanside, CA the assistant manager who interviewed me he had you for his critical care instructor. He said, “I know the kind of nurse that BC turns out and we would be happy to have you join our team.” I was the first and only interview that I went on after graduating from BC. Really, who could have asked for a better end to a first interview?

Today, I have been a clinical instructor for California State University San Marcos, co-presented my research on The Impact of Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit on Patient Length of Stay (LOS) and Mortality: A Multi-Center Epidemiology Study and finished my first year of my doctorate program. With the risk of sounding conceited this is only the beginning for me. I promise that I will do so much more.

I can’t wait to send you the graduation announcement from my doctorate program. It is still 3 years away, but it will be here before you know it.   Thank you again. I know I keep saying that, but honestly there is no other words to convey my appreciation.

I hope that I have been able to explain the effect you have had on my life… You not only gave me a career. You gave me the tools to change my whole. It has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

Thank You

Timothy Horttor

Bakersfield College Wins Statewide PR Award

Amber Chiang with the CCPRO Award

Amber Chiang with the CCPRO Award

Sometimes, good things can come out of challenging situations. That is the case for Bakersfield College’s year-long communication effort on the athletics sanctions which were announced last May. Before that announcement was made, Bakersfield College’s Public Information Officer, Amber Chiang, was hard at work planning our communication strategy, and after the announcement, she continued this work to keep the college’s message, plans, and position in the community through strategic outreach.

In February, Amber looked back on the year of work, and submitted an extensive package of information to the Community Colleges Public Relations Organization PRO Award competition’s “Media Success Story” category. Bakersfield College took home top honors on April 17!

That night, Amber accepted the award on behalf of Bakersfield College and texted me just after the win.. Amber said she found the sustained crisis communications effort to be professionally challenging, and was elated the college was recognized by our peers for our work. Most of the time, happy news items win the “Media Success Story” category (Bakersfield College won it in 2012 for our media outreach on Dr. Levan’s historic gift), so for a crisis communication effort to win is really something special.

Bakersfield College’s “Media Success Story” scored 56 out of a possible 60 points to win. The judges’ comments included:

Well executed! A textbook example of how to respond to such a development. Wow!

An admirable, disciplined effort under difficult circumstances. Very well organized and prepared.

Amber’s role in the sanctions communications was not an easy one; she battled internal and external forces while working to maintain the college’s image in the community and our focus on students.  Good work Amber! and thank you!

BC talks about our First Generation students

The Bakersfield College team at the First Generation movie showing in Delano!

The Bakersfield College team at the First Generation movie showing in Delano! Steve Watkin, Liz Peisner, Terri Goldstein, Janet Fulks

Last week, Bakersfield College held special showings of the movie “First Generation,” which highlights the plight of California’s first generation college-going students. Three showings at the Panorama Campus were filled, and a fourth at the Delano Campus was widely attended!

Exposure to this type of information and learning is essential as we work to understand our students, their backgrounds, and their goals. Despite our best efforts to provide the highest-quality learning experience possible, so many external factors impact the potential success of our students. By better understanding the plight of the first-generation student, Bakersfield College can adjust its service capabilities and educational plans, and better serve this special population’s needs.

Janet Fulks, biology faculty member made the movie a reality at Bakersfield College. She brought together a team from across campus to encourage current and future students and their families, and Bakersfield College staff, too!

After the Delano presentation of “First Generation,” Janet emailed me, and I wanted to share with you what she said.

I want to give a shout out to the incredible First Generation Team who’s names are listed below. We had about 200 people at the Delano movie showing last night thanks to the great work of Rich McCrow. Faculty at Delano were commenting that “I am that student in the film, but I finally made it through and am a faculty member now.” Students were commenting on specific steps they are going to take to complete college, see counselors, complete my education plan, look into financial aid etc.

We will have reached over 500 people with this film after the last showing today. Thanks to everyone for your great support!

First Generation Committee:Vickie Coffee, Terri Goldstein, Tina Tuttle, Janet Fulks, Kristin Rabe, Tarina Perry, Amber Chiang, Richard McCrow, Alice Desilagua (HS counselors), JoAnn Acosta, Primavera Arvizu, Kim Van Horne, Heidi Forsythe, John Gerhold, Steve Watkin, Janet Thomas, Liz Rozell, Mary Webb, Liz Peisner, Shannon Musser, Heidi Gilliard.

Pat Smith, who is a criminal justice instructor here at Bakersfield College, messaged Janet about the movie and how she related to the movie premise:

I am taking my class to today’s 1 pm showing…I hope we all fit.  I am looking forward to it because I am that student also and I am now faculty!  My parents were Spanish speaking and never went to college so they could not share with me what college would be like.  They knew to encourage me to go however and believed in education.  What got me through was my cousin…she  was a BC professor here and she helped me tremendously by telling me what college was like and what classes to take.  I am forever grateful that she encouraged me to pursue a college degree.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement. This is what Renegade pride is all about – understanding the challenges and meeting the needs of students!

From Camp to Campus. Winners from our Delano campus.

“Camp to Campus” is a 90-minute documentary which focuses on first-generation college graduates who come from a migrant labor background. This is the reality for many Bakersfield College students, and for two in particular.

As part of “Camps to Campus” students could submit essays about their own college-going experience for the opportunity to receive a $1000 scholarship to attend CSUB. Two Bakersfield College students who attend class at the Delano Campus were the winners!

CamptoCampusDeissy Ibarra received a scholarship for her essay titled “The Light at the End of the Tunnel.” You can read Deissy’s submission online. Deissy related her own college-going experience to one of the students featured in “Camp to Campus” and received a $1000 scholarship for her effort.

Raji Rivera created a video essay for his submission.

Congratulations to these two students. Their success stories and pursuit of higher education are why Bakersfield College has worked for the last 100 years to provide access to quality higher education!