Summer Bridge Helps Incoming Freshmen Transition

Summer Bridge 2013Do you remember what those first weeks of college were like? Fresh out of high school, the size and scope of a college campus, along with the sheer number of students walking the halls, was daunting. Then, there’s the switching from building to building, locating classes and services, and having to do everything yourself.

Helping students transition to college life is the goal of a program here at Bakersfield College called Summer Bridge. This past August, many people on campus came together to help 35 incoming freshmen learn the ropes and ready themselves for college. Over four days, these students spent 18 hours on campus taking care of business. Many, many more wanted in, but time and space limited how many we could serve.

The students were able to complete their educational plan, visit the Library and Planetarium, take guided tours of the campus, hear from guest speakers, and enjoy a celebratory barbecue on the last day with their families.

Summer Bridge 2013Many people at Bakersfield College came together to make Summer Bridge possible, and it is that teamwork and assistance which keeps Bakersfield College strong and viable 100 years after its founding! I’d like to thank Sarah Villasenor, Dawn Dobie, Bonnie Suderman, Tina Johnson, Angela Craft, Tina Chamberlain, the Admissions and Records team, the EOP&S team, the MESA team, the Financial Aid team, the Counseling team, Nick Strobel, Brent Damron, the SGA officers, the Public Safety officers, the entire Food Services staff, the Career and Technical Education team, the Bookstore, the Graphics Department, and Institutional Research. You see, it really does take a village. All these folks came together to help 35 freshmen!

Best of all are the comments from students shared with me by Summer Bridge organizer Dr. Kimberly Van Horne.

Summer Bridge 2013The scavenger hunt was a fun activity because it helped me figure out things on campus I didn’t know about. K.L.

The most interesting thing I found at BC was the garden spot where Agriculture hosts its sales and projects. Another was the Renegade Pantry because it prevents students in need to starve or get malnutrition. P.S.

The most interesting thing that we saw was the DUNGEON!!! R.P.

The most useful advice I would give to a student at BC is to never give up and do your best and if you need help all you have to do is ask. H.S.

The most fun activity was going to the Planetarium and discovering the mysteries of the universe like some Zodiac shapes, important stars, and dates it remodeled and reopened. P.S.

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