Meet our new faculty at the annual New Faculty Reception on Sep 14, 2013

New Faculty Reception Sep 14 2013

New Faculty Reception Sep 14, 2013
Source: Tom Moran’s Smugmug

Have you discovered the hidden gem on our campus dubbed the Renegade Park?  Formerly known simply as the Horticulture Lab, this lovely park provided the backdrop for the President’s annual New Faculty Reception on Saturday, September 14.  Although temperatures hovered near triple digits, the attendees were shaded by the lovely canopy of 50-year old trees at the Park.  The tables were surrounded by pots of our very own Centennial rose bushes.  What a night!


The evening got off to a toe-tapping start with a performance by the BC Drumline, under the direction of Tim Heasley.  The drumline continues to grow each season.  This year they have 15 returning percussionists and have added an impressive 19 new members to their ranks.  Soloists Devon Kinnard and Jesus Navarro delivered powerful performances and set the perfect tone for the evening.  For more on the Drumline check out

Following the drumline, the audience was treated to the jazz stylings of Kris Tiner, Omar Murillo, Paul Cierley, Adam Zanoff, and Andrew Morgan.  Chef Alex Gomez was assisted by Patty Daniel, Penny Loos and student worker Jackie Sanchez, who provided a tail-gate style meal fit for champions.

Jennifer Garrett at New Faculty reception Sep 14 2013-L

Jennifer Garrett and family
Source: Tom Moran’s Smugmug

The reception is designed to provide a casual setting for Bakersfield College’s newest faculty members to get acquainted with the administrative team.  Honored at the reception were: Justin Flint from Automotive Technology, Stephen Tavoni from Biology, Patricia Smith from Criminal Justice, Misty Stowers from Economics, Jennifer Garrett from Performing Arts, Christopher McCraw from Agriculture, Andrea Thorson from Communication, Sandra Davis, Kelly Kapoor, and Kren Campbell from Nursing, Lily Martinez from Foreign Languages, and Roy Allard from Electronics Technology.  Also introduced at this event was Terri Goldstein, the new DSPS Director.  We welcome them all to the Bakersfield College family of educators.

Centennial roses continue to be for sale through the Agriculture Department.  For $30, you can own a piece of Bakersfield College history!

Debbie Spohn New Faculty Reception Sep 14 2013-L

Debbie Spohn
Source: Tom Moran’s Smugmug



Thank you Debbie for organizing this event.

Tom Moran and Israel at New Faculty Reception Sep 14 2013-L

Tom Moran and Israel at New Faculty Reception Sep 14 2013










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