2014 BC Art Student Exhibit

3D art BC student Marisol Calisto

Artist: BC student Marisol Calisto




Check out the piece in today’s Californian on the 2014 BC Art Student Exhibit:


The opening reception for the artists is today, April 24th from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.






We are fortunate to have an incredible Art department at Bakersfield College.  Let’s take a moment to appreciate our dedicated and talented faculty and staff:

David Koeth — Chair of the department

Laura BornemanDrawing, Painting, Figure Drawing

Emily MaddiganCeramics, Sculpture, Art Appreciation

Nancy MagnerArt Appreciation, Art History

Adel ShafikDigital Arts, 2D Design

Kristopher StallworthPhotography, Digital Photography

Cameron Brian

Christopher Lessley

Cecilia Noyes

Debora Rodenhauser

Armando Rubio

Margaret Nowling

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