A Thank You for Trio Celeste

BC Composers' Club plus a woodworking student interested in the construction of Stradivarius instruments.

BC Composers’ Club plus a woodworking student interested in the construction of Stradivarius instruments.

Recently, Trio Celeste, a small group of musicians, performed at the Levan Center here at Bakersfield College. Nancy Edwards was in the crowd, and she wrote a thank you to Jack Hernandez and John Gerhold, who facilitated the performance. Jack oversees the programming at the Levan Center, and John is the chair of Bakersfield College’s performing arts department.

As part of the event, Trio Celeste performed with Bakersfield College students.




Dear John and Jack,

I want to thank you for inviting and presenting to the community the Trio Celeste recently at the Levan Center on campus. The extraordinary accomplishments and talent alone of these remarkable performers are dazzling. As their biographies stated, they are stars on an international level, as well as within the American states. Their muscianship and professionalism are models of perfection for all of us to admire.

It was quite endearing to hear them speak of how pieces were performed and how much they practiced, as well as to hear about the Stradivarius violin. I would not have believed that I would ever have an opportunity to hear a performance on a Stradivarius. Each performer was so gracious and charming, I am sure the students were delighted to have them work with them in their classes! It has to be the opportunity of a lifetime!

We were most pleased also to have some time to visit with Ann Finlinson and John for a lovely breakfast before they went home to northern California. They have become very close friends and we are most appreciative of every opportunity to visit with them. They were so delighted with the concert and appreciative of what you have done to make these events possible. Ann has repeatedly said how much these events mean to her knowing that so many lives are touched by the extraordinary performers and presenters the Finlinson Committee has brought to the college. 

I wanted to again thank you both in particular and add my congratulations to your success. I would be delighted for our committee to meet perhaps in early summer or early fall before classes are too far along and everyone is swamped just to explore some ideas again. It is very exciting to hear all of the great ideas.

I send my very best wishes to you always,

Nancy Edwards

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