Math Summit at Delano Campus


STEM assistants Anthony Sigala, Eddie Nunez, and Zuan Nuestro

Recently, math educators from all over north Kern gathered at Bakersfield College’s Delano Campus to discuss issues in math education. Jaime Astacio and Conor Whalen presented about the characteristics of Northern Kern Math students, and math instruction at Delano Campus.

Dr. Dave Youngs, Fresno Pacific University Mathematics Education Program Manager, was the special guest for the evening. Professor Youngs’ presentation was engaging.  It included a discussion about the current changes in K-12 math instruction in this country sprinkled with a poem and paintings by famous artists such as M.C. Escher.

There was a lot of energy, excitement and camaraderie. The night was a huge success and I thank Jaime, Conor, Juan, Raquel and Rich for organizing this event. Yes…Delano faculty and staff rock!


Dr. Youngs discusses math/art relationships

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