Delano: Outreach to high school counselors

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Staying in touch with the counselors from local high schools is an important part of Bakersfield College’s outreach to our local community. Counselors in the high schools know their students better than just about any other educational professional, and can provide valuable information and insight into student needs. Ultimately, counselors are an important link to establishing a college-going culture in the communities served by Bakersfield College’s Delano Campus.

To support the ongoing communication with local feeder high schools, Delano Campus faculty and staff held their North Kern Counselor Community of Practice recently. Supported by the Delano College Center Foundation, the event was attended by 30 high school and college counselors. The group engaged in valuable dialogue and information-sharing that helps with the sharing of common problems across all grade levels of education, from area demographics and poverty rates to educational program needs in the northern areas of Kern County.

In turn, the counselors were able to communicate with Bakersfield College’s team about ways the college could help them, from assessment testing and new student workshops on the high school campuses, to discussion of student fees for students attending high school and college simultaneously.

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