Another usual weekend enjoying the Bakersfield Community

Clayton Fowler and Sonya Oct 3 2015 Leadership Conf

SGA President Clayton and Sonya Christian. October 3, 2015

I stopped by Wendy’s last evening to pick up a spicy chicken sandwich for dinner and the young woman serving me spontaneously commented that she was a student at BC, psychology major, and that her teachers in all of her classes were the very best.  This encounter is not unusual for me or for any of you.  BC has stood for excellence and leadership for over a century and this community has steadfastly supported its college for all that time.

My Saturday morning started with welcoming over 100 students from BC and CSUB who were attending a Leadership conference at the indoor theater.  Bakersfield Strong: Our city, our organizations, our student leaders was the theme of the conference.  I was proud of our SGA President Clayton Fowler and Director of Student Life, Nicky Damania, who planned this event in collaboration with CSUB.

What a community we have – you just have to look.

Fred Mike Sandi Oct 3 2015

Fred Smith, Sandi Taylor, Mike Madeiros

After the morning event, I headed to the College of the Canyons stadium where the Renegades were meeting the Cougars. Standing near the end zone I was perfectly situated to see the crowd on both sides of the field. I was thinking about how many of our community members turned out for their team, and how much they care for and support the student athletes.

At halftime it was shaping up as a tough match in a tough season. As I spoke with the community members I heard their unwavering support and dedication.

In the second half one of our players, Terrence Young (23) went down with an injury on his right shoulder.  Dr. Bill Baker took to the field right behind our athletic trainers, Mike Medeiros and Fred Smith. Dr. Baker is a former BC football player himself, and it was at BC that he met his wife Sharon.  The two of them come to the Renegade games year-in and year-out to support the team, and Dr. Baker to volunteer his services.

Sharon and Bill Baker Oct 3 2015

Sharon and Bill Baker

Terrence was clearly in pain from his right shoulder injury, and after stabilizing him Dr. Baker signaled for the ambulance.  Sandi Taylor and the Athletic Dept. Assistant Alex followed the ambulance to the Henry Mayer hospital on McBean Parkway where Terrence was taken.

After the game I joined them, and in the waiting room once again saw our community join together in support of our student. Coach Chudy was there and spoke to Terrence’s grandmother.  Stig Janz, Ed Advisor for the athletes was there as well, and it seems attends pretty much every athletic event. Fred Smith stayed the night with Terrence at the hospital.  Just wonderful!

I had the opportunity to visit with Sharon Baker who attends each game with her husband. How fortunate we are at BC to have such commitment from folks like the Bakers.  And of course Dr. Tivnon.

As I sat with this community of support, talking quietly and there to support Terrence, I was aware that this community is family. This community, this family, comes together to celebrate when times are good and gathers together when times are hard. Thank you Bakersfield! Thank you Dr. Baker! Thank you Dr. Tivnon!

Group at hospital Oct 3 2015

Sharon Baker, Sonya Christian, Sandi Taylor, Vickie Edden, Alex Broom

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2 thoughts on “Another usual weekend enjoying the Bakersfield Community

  1. angelapaquette October 6, 2015 at 2:35 pm Reply

    What a wonderful post! I love the way the BC community respects our students as adults but never forgets to love on them as growing human beings! This team rocks!

  2. Peter Reyes October 6, 2015 at 3:24 pm Reply

    Awesome! the photos of all are very nice…but where is the flag? See you for Homecoming! BTW: Sonya – wish you had been Prez when I was there in the middle 60’s (or were you even born yet?); and Sandy: I want you to go down in B C history as the 2nd best AD…sorry but Herb Loken is 1st. I even had a class with him as my instructor…I got an A!! and of course: Becky Whitson is the best!!!!! Love you all Peter Renegade

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