Merry Christmas 2022 and Happy Holidays

I hope you are enjoying some time making memories with your loved ones.

Christmas is always such a special time, full of bits of magic, both large and small. We always find ways to keep that magic alive and share it with one another – especially the little ones. One of the more fascinating pieces of real life magic, is the tradition that NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Commands) has on Christmas Eve.

You may know that tonight, NORAD will help children track Santa‘s trip around the world. But did you know how this tradition came to be?

From NORAD’s website:

In 1955 a young child, trying to reach Santa, dialed the misprinted phone number from a department store ad in the local newspaper. Instead of calling Santa, the child called the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) Operations Center in Colorado Springs, Colo.  

Air Force Col. Harry Shoup, the commander on duty that night who answered the child’s phone call, was quick to realize a mistake had been made and assured the child he was Santa. After more incoming calls, Shoup assigned a duty officer to continue answering calls and a tradition was born, that continued when NORAD was formed in 1958.  

Each year since, NORAD has dutifully reported Santa’s location on Dec. 24 to millions of children and families across the world. Because of the support, services and resources generously provided by volunteers and our government and corporate contributors, NORAD Tracks Santa has persevered for more than 65 years.  

In fact, what started because of a typo has flourished and is recognized as one of the Department of Defense’s largest community outreach programs. 

Each year, the NORAD Tracks Santa Web Site receives several million unique visitors from more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Volunteers typically answer more than 130,000 calls to the NORAD Tracks Santa hotline from children across the globe. 

Check out their video:


Let’s check out a few previous holiday blogs:

Last year, I wrote about my visit to Hawaii. Mele Kalikimaka!

There is a tradition that says when you see a cardinal, it should serve as a reminder to embrace the new beginnings ahead, and believe those beginnings will comfort your soul.

In 2020, I wrote about the Christmas hymn “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day.”

The Wrong shall fail, The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men.

It shows us that even in the darkest moments, we must face the world together and find those glimmers of hope.

In 2019, I featured the BSO-BC Home for the Holidays Concert:

Started this week’s blog with Christmas music from the BSO-BC Home for the Holidays concert. Featured below is the fun version of Twelve Days of Christmas performed by our new Mens Choir. See if you can spot some of our faculty and staff and in the video. Going left to right: Nicky Damania, Chris Glaser, Nick Strobel.

In 2018, the Umoja Milestone Celebration Received Senate Resolution

Dr. Paula L. Parks, Umoja Community coordinator, received a Senate resolution at the Umoja Milestone Celebration. In addition to Dr. Parks’ recognition, three Umoja students were honored for graduating, program mentors were acknowledged, and Umoja faculty and community supporters were thanked.

Mr. Michael Bowers presented the resolution from Senator Andy Vidack’s office, and Dr. Parks was very appreciative and quite touched. Umoja student David Thomas had contacted Mr. Bowers asking that Dr. Parks, who started the program in 2015, be recognized for her dedication to and work with Umoja. This semester the program grew to include two sections of English/student development and a campus club.

In 2017, it was The Gift of a College Education:

Education is a gift that you can help give someone else or that you can give yourself. This holiday season, consider the gift of education. It is truly one of the great equalizers. Our students know that education opens the doors of all opportunity. BC’s faculty, staff, and administration are here to help you open those doors!

In 2016, I shared one of my favorite Christmas carols:

My 2015 blog took a look at the movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (which became the theme for our Spring 2016 Opening Day at Bakersfield College!)

Renegades, the Force has always been with Bakersfield College, but even so I feel the stirrings of a new awakening.  
Watch out 2016!
Or as Yoda once taught us, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

What wonderful memories!

Good morning, friends.
It is December 24, 2022.
The sun shines bright over Kern CCD.

Porterville College

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

The Porterville College Safety and Security Team compiled holiday safety tips into a Spark Presentation. Check it out at:

Cerro Coso Community College

Law Enforcement Academy Starts in January

Cerro Coso Community College will be starting their POST certified Law Enforcement Academy very soon. Orientation is scheduled for January 28.

Contact Peter Fulks at CCCC, or visit for more information.

Bakersfield College

Recycle Your Tree With BC!

The City of Bakersfield is joining forces with BC to recycle Christmas trees beginning December 26th and going through January 10th, 2023. Trees can be delivered to the southwest parking area of the campus at the intersection of Haley Street and University Avenue.

Fun Photos & Spotted on Social Media

Norma Rojas-Mora and Kern CCD Trustee Yovani Jimenez at the Building Healthy Communities Holiday dinner:

Linda Quiñones Vaughan, and Latina Leaders board members Leticia Velasquez and Paula De La Riva with Norma Rojas-Mora at Forty Acres in Delano:

PC President Claudia Habib went to the PC Swap Meet last weekend:


That’s a wrap for now.
See you next Saturday!

The future is bright at KernCCD.

a joyful and grateful Chancellor


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